A strong euro? Look what's even stronger

Looking to flee the dollar?  True, the euro may be headed to $1.50, but think before you act:


The chart comes to us courtesy of James Turk — one of four he spotlights in a recent article, but this is the one that really got my attention.  As he explains:

Why is gold moving up against the euro? For the same reason gold rose against all the currencies of the world in the 1970's. Today's monetary problems like those three decades ago span far beyond the U.S.; they are global. We are witnessing a flight from national currency into the safety and security of gold. Expect more of the same. Expect gold and silver to continue climbing higher.

And don't expect the euro to be anything more than another fiat currency like the dollar — especially if France continues to buck the tight-money policies (relatively speaking) of the European Central Bank and spend its way into oblivion.

By comparison, gold is a safe haven in the current environment — even safer if you take advantage of unique gold-related investments like this.

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