2000 redux? Or worse?

The markets more or less shrugged off the Bush-Gore election drama of 2000.  I'm not so sure about the drama that may be to come.
John Fund of the Wall Street Journal offers up one potential reason control of the House won't be decided the night of November 7.  I'm sure there are others, but this is the first time I've seen someone in mainstream media spin a scenario for a long drawn-out post-election mess.  And while the outcome won't have a lot of consequence in terms of the continued growth of the federal Leviathan, many people out there nonetheless think the outcome matters a whole lot.  And my sense is that if there's no definitive resolution on election night, matters won't be resolved quite as peaceably as they were in 2000.  The lingering anger from those days has had six years and a couple of wars in which to fester, and it could easily erupt on the ground of a closely-contested House district.

More thoughts about this in the days to come…

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