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As soon as the noose settled around his neck, Guy Fawkes broke free from the hangman and jumped off the scaffolding — guaranteeing a quick drop with a stop sharp enough to break his neck cleanly.

Sudden death seems like an odd goal for a man to reach in a hurry. Until you consider the alternative…

(Ironically, in a way, it’s an early example of government not being able to get anything right. Not even a hanging.)

Guy had just watched his fellow English-Catholic conspirators hanged until nearly dead (with emphasis on nearly.) Then they were cut down. Their most private parts and entrails were removed and burned before their eyes. Finally, they were beheaded.

This all would have happened to Guy Fawkes, too…except wily Guy made sure he was too dead to notice.

What offense warranted this extreme torture and dismemberment?

Guy and his co-conspirators felt that the crown made life miserable for the Catholic minority in England. In truth, the crown was doing exactly that.

So on the 5th of November, 1605, Guy and his buddies planned to ignite the three-dozen barrels of gunpowder they’d packed under Parliament. Their plan was… simply enough… to blow up the king.

Known as a man “highly skilled in matters of war,” Guy’s job was to light the match. Afterwards, he planned to escape across the Thames. But an anonymous letter warning of the plot was sent to the King.

When the Master at Arms went to check out the dwelling beneath Parliament, he discovered Guy, a set of matches, and a whole lot of gunpowder.

The conspiracy was uncovered and thwarted. Torture, confessions and painful executions followed. This was the end of the now-famous Gunpowder Plot. And the end of Guy Fawkes.

For centuries afterward, Londoners have organized a curious bonfire on the Nov. 5th anniversary of Guy’s bust. They even gave it a catchy phrase…

“Remember, remember the fifth of November,” they chant.

Today we’re putting together our own celebration… with a very special offer to you. Before we get to that offer, let me first give you some backstory. This, I hope, will give you context for the special offer.

As you know, our goal at Laissez Faire books is to provide you with the much needed tools to control your own life. To have the confidence to make your own decisions, rather than being barked at by the political class. And to walk the road of riches, while others continue to morph into government feeding zombies.

These “tools” come in many forms: classic texts that help you guide your decision making, research services that aim to give you financial freedom, and conferences that aim to help you develop your own network of like-minded problem solvers.

Today we’re celebrating with a way to save hundreds off the cost of claiming that financial and personal freedom. And it couldn’t come at a better time…

This election season, like the many before it, remind us that the politicos are more concerned about sucking as much as they can from the system before the whole thing collapses.

They’re more concerned about bailing out fellow friends and CEOs than they are about creating a friendly environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Take our currency, the U.S. dollar, for example…

It’s been 40 years now since the dollar had even the slightest connection to gold. Our money is backed by nothing but empty promises. The government holds the power to print itself out of any problem.

That “power” the government holds has corrupted the system. Banks and well-connected businesses know they are very likely to be backstopped by the feds.

So they can still pocket the profits… while you and I shoulder the risks of their bad decisions.

Or take interest rates. In an effort to create more liquidity — and, subsequently, higher profits for banks as they pay less interest to depositors – the Feds pushed interest rates to historic lows.

Their perverted economic policies encourage Americans to SPEND, rather than SAVE, their money.

Back in Guy Fawkes’ day, the government was punishing Catholics. Nowadays, it’s not about religion.

It’s about the government telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat… forcing us to wear seat belts and helmets for nearly everything… and, most importantly, for punishing the hardworking savers and entrepreneurs that create growth.

In short, it’s the idea people and middle class that are getting squeezed. Actually, hanged is more like it.

Now, none of this is our fault. We didn’t ask for these policies. But the reality of the situation is that they’re here. And, it looks like they’re here to stay for quite a while.

Moaning and groaning about FEDs policies isn’t going to change a thing. But personal action can…

That’s why it’s our responsibly to take our lives back into our own hands. To develop the confidence to play the hand that’s been dealt to us… and figure out a way to win. And we’re here to help.

For the first time ever in Laissez Faire Books history… we’ve put together a very special fifth of November offer for you…

How You Can “Remember, Remember the Fifth of November”Don’t worry…we’re not organizing a protest…we’re not aligning ourselves with any of the moments… and we’re NOT suggesting violence in any way.

We’re definitely not suggesting you stock up on gunpowder, like our friend Guy did.

Instead, we’re making it easy (and VERY cheap) to arm yourself with something much more dangerous to the Federal Government — the ideas you need to live a more personally and financially free life.

With these ideas you’ll be able to quit worrying about the election. You’ll be able to sleep easy at night, knowing you’re prepared for whatever choppy waters come your way.

In short, you’ll have your own way to “fight back” on this 5th of November. Best of all, you’ll do so with intellectual firepower, rather than Guy’s gunpowder.

Here’s what I propose…

As you may know, for the last few months the Laissez Faire Club has been stockpiling new and “classic” e-book titles for our members. And for the first time ever, non-club members can view the entire list here.

As you can see, we’re up to 31 titles now. And if member e-mails are any indication, these books seem to be changing people lives already…

“I want to thank you for inspiring me to the excitement of reading something else besides the latest Clive Cussler novel. It has been a great experience to actually think and discuss philosophical and economic issues with various people from around the globe… I think I have learned more in the past month then I had learned in the past 10 years. It is fun to actually think again. Keep it coming!” ~ Rob Olivier, Jr.

“The little “law” book is worth the cost of admission” ~ Jim Grasson

“I’d like to call some of them “drop of the dime”-moments; when ideas are grasped in an instant, when concepts become foundational in one’s thinking, when your understanding takes a leap forward or when you’re ready to delve into more detailed knowledge about subjects or how the world works.

… it feels as if I am slowly uncovering a treasure chest of information, providing the possibility for life and mind altering action. Thanks to you, I can finally say that I’m becoming more and more optimistic about my own future. ~ John Dehanes

Until today, these books have been reserved for paid Club Members, or listed at $9 each on our website.

Considering how much the ideas in the books can change your life, $9 is pretty cheap, wouldn’t you agree?

But in celebration of Guy Fawkes remembrance day, we’re going one step further…

Today you can claim HALF-OFF of any eBooks in our growing collection of radical ideas. (There’s no limit or “cap” to your savings.)

That means instead of paying full price, you’ll pay just $4.50.

Think, for a moment, about all the trivial things we’ve all spent $4.50 for in the past: Dunkin Donut lattes, a movie rental, or a shot or two of whiskey (not like we’d know.)

Point is: none of those trivial things changed our lives. But the ideas you’ll find in these eBooks will.

Would you pay just $4.50 for a “treasure chest of information, providing the possibility for life and mind altering action,” as the reader above put it?

I hope so. That’s why we’ve put together this offer for you.

Several of our titles would no-doubt make Guy proud…

In The Conscience of an Anarchist you’ll discover how today’s political problems are not limited to any one party. The problem is the state itself creating opportunities for plunder and abuse.

In The Great Fiction you’ll be alerted to be single biggest lie in economics. Armed with the knowledge, you’ll be able to instantly improve your own life, all outside of government control.

And the best part, you can stock up on as many titles you like and still get the 50% discount. Remember, there’s no limit to how much you can save.

The only catch is this offer is only good through Tuesday Nov. 6… just long enough to give you a diversion from the political “puppet-show” that would drive Guy to treason.

Doug Hill

Original article posted on Laissez-Faire Today

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