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Platitudes, Hypocrisies and “Pimpocracy”

Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner writes with his mouth wide open… staggered by the shabby immensity of it… a tear forming in the corner of his eye. Yes, he's looking at how the US economy, money and government have changed since President Nixon ended the gold-backed monetary system in 1971.

Exporting Oil Will Lower Your Fuel Prices

Byron King

Last week, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee debated repealing the 40-year-old ban on the U.S. exporting crude oil. Byron King explains why, contrary to popular opinion, such a move would benefit you at the pump...

How to Report Health Care Coverage on Your 2014 Tax Return

Mark Kohler

If tax returns weren’t complicated enough, we will now have the first-time appearance of the individual shared responsibility (ISR) provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Mark Kohler boils down what you need to know before filing your tax return...

Contagion Deja Vu

James Rickards

Jim Rickards explains how contagion can smack you, the individual investor, between the eyes suddenly and unexpectedly...

Bill BonnerHow, Exactly, the World Ends

Bill Bonner

On this St. Patrick's Day, all the luck o’ the Irish wouldn't be enough to save our credit-based economy. As for the aftermath… Bill Bonner reports from Gualfin (“The End of the Road”), Argentina, below...

Hello, Volatility

Joseph Calhoun

Last week, the Dow was up and down several hundred points in a matter of days. Joseph Calhoun III of Alhambra Investment Partners explains why, and explains why you should buckle up from here on out. Read on...

This Unique Fund Has Beaten the Market for 40 Years

Chris Mayer

There is a portfolio that makes the coffee can portfolio look impatient: the Voya Corporate Leaders Trust Fund. It was the subject of one of the best stories I read all week. Ross Kerber wrote it for Reuters. Chris Mayer gives his insight on it here...

Why the U.S. is Letting China Accumulate Gold

James Rickards

A lot of people think about gold as a percentage of a country’s total reserves. They are surprised to learn that the United States has 70 percent of its reserves in gold. Meanwhile, China only has about 1 percent of its reserves in gold. Jim Rickards explains why the U.S. helps manipulate the price of gold for China’s benefit...