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Gold is (Once Again) Money

James Rickards

Few understand how to value gold, and even fewer understand that gold is not really an investment — it is money. Jim Rickards illustrates this point further and gives you actionable methods to accumulate wealth in gold. Read on...

A Brief History of Currency Wars

James Rickards

Currency wars are one of the most important dynamics in the global financial system today. Jim Rickards gives a brief history of currency wars and explains the reason why they occur. Read on...

What Is The Fed?

Genevieve Lefranc

As much as we hate it, paying attention to and understanding the Federal Reserve System is more critical to your investments now than ever before. Read on for everything you need to understand the Federal Reserve.

Addison WigginAttention to Deficits Disorder

Addison Wiggin

A Daily Reckoning classique. Since it’s Friday the 13th, we thought we’d take an unlucky look back at the fate of U.S. deficits and debt accumulation since those quaint, pre-crisis days. This was first published in The Daily Reckoning on May, 17, 2005. So foolish we were to be concerned about deficits and debt waaay back then. Alas, the writing had already been scribbled on the wall for years…

Why the U.S. is Letting China Accumulate Gold

James Rickards

A lot of people think about gold as a percentage of a country’s total reserves. They are surprised to learn that the United States has 70 percent of its reserves in gold. Meanwhile, China only has about 1 percent of its reserves in gold. Jim Rickards explains why the U.S. helps manipulate the price of gold for China’s benefit...

The Strong Dollar Could Turn on a Dime

James Rickards

A currency war typically happens when there’s not enough growth in the world to go around for all the debt obligations. Jim Rickards explains how the currency wars could change the strong dollar's fate faster than most investors expect...

Addison WigginThe Currency Wars of the 20th Century

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin checks in with Jim Rickards and does a quick historical overview of the currency struggles that have brought us up to 2015 and onward. After you read, you won’t look at the tolls you have to pay on the highway the same way ever again…

A New Equilibrium for Oil Prices

Matt Insley

Matt Insley was just in Denver for a big shale convention, focused on the Bakken and Niobrara shale plays out west. The “who’s who” of the west were there – including Hess, Whiting Petroleum, Oasis Petroleum and Synergy Resources. Find out more about it here...

Notes on Deflation From Tokyo

Chris Mayer

“That chill in the air?” wrote Chris Mayer in February. “This is what deflation feels like.” He reports from the capital of deflation, Tokyo, on the future that might be in store for the U.S….