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Peter Thiel Explains What Backs the U.S. Dollar

Chris Mayer

In a recent interview, Peter Thiel gave a simple and clear explanation of what gives the U.S. dollar its power. “It surprised me,” writes Chris Mayer, “because I had not heard anyone but fringe economists give it. And yet it is the key to understanding modern money.” Chris revisits the idea… including some radical ideas “that will change the way you think of money and the economy forever.”

The Currency Wars’ “Pearl Harbor”

James Rickards

The most dramatic battle yet in the currency wars took place last Thursday. It was the financial equivalent of a Pearl Harbor sneak attack. Jim Rickards has the full story... what it means moving forward... and a lesson for all gold investors...

A Perfect Storm: Brace Yourself for an Epic Economic Meltdown

James Rickards

The Bank for International Settlements issued a warning yesterday: As emerging-market debt in dollars increases, the impact of the Fed’s interest rate decision becomes global. It’s a topic our own Jim Rickards got out in front of months ago. He believes the potential fallout from these growing debts in strong-dollar world could be six times as large as the ’07 mortgage meltdown. Read on...

In Praise of Price Discovery

David Stockman

Our friend David Stockman hails the god of price discovery after yesterday's Swiss monetary surprise. If you missed it, they delinked the Swiss franc from the Euro -- sending markets off on an erratic reel. Mr. Stockman fills you in on the details and opines why it's about time currency markets were alone...

Addison WigginThe Currency Wars of the 20th Century

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin checks in with Jim Rickards and does a quick historical overview of the currency struggles that have brought us up to 2015 and onward. After you read, you won’t look at the tolls you have to pay on the highway the same way ever again…

Bill BonnerFear and Loathing in Paris

Bill Bonner

The terrorist attack at The Charlie Hebdo office in Paris has caused quite the international buzz. Bill Bonner was in Paris over the weekend and saw the French take the "extremists' bait" firsthand. Read on to see Bill ruminate on the terrorists getting exactly what they want...

Your Back Door Into an Exclusive Income Opportunity

Zach Scheidt

Once available only to “exclusive investors” such as Harvard University, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Wildlife Federation… today you have a unique opportunity to make three times the income of the stock market with one of the most elite “institutional” funds on the market. Our new income editor, Zach Scheidt, has found a backdoor way for you to collect income after making an “inside” connection...