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Extra!Fed Banker in Charge of QE Says QE Is Abysmal Failure

Jason Farrell

Andrew Huszar, the Fed banker in charge of the Fed's epic asset purchasing program, says QE is a miserable failure. Yup, you read that right. And that's not all... In the very first sentence of his op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, he does something almost no central banker has ever done. Read on...

A Tale of Two Charts: Are We 2007 America or 2006 Zimbabwe?

John Rubino

The US equity markets are back in record territory, at least in nominal terms. And if recent history is our guide, it is now time to either take some money off the table or short the hell out of the big indexes – or whatever else you like to do when the market looks overbought. Read on...

Top Alternatives to Paper Money

Jeffrey Tucker

I leave Liberty Forum in New Hampshire, a three-day gathering of hundreds of people who are trying to find ways of living freer lives in times of despotic control. With me I have three types of nonpaper, nongovernmental monies. They all operate in competition with the government’s dollar. These include Bitcoin, the mind-blowing digital currency that has techno-geeks, edgy global traders, and even the World Bank buzzing about its potential to finally separate money from the state.