Suzan Haskins

Suzan Haskins

For the last decade, Suzan Haskins has been on the lookout for the best "best-of-all-worlds" places to call home for International Living readers as well as for her husband, Dan Prescher, and herself.

During that time, they've traveled to nearly every country in Latin America and lived in Lake Chapala, San Miguel de Allende and Merida, Mexico; Quito and Cotacachi, Ecuador; Panama City, Panama; and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. They've owned real estate in all of those countries, too, as well as in Argentina.

Suzan's no neophyte to serial relocation. Born in Oklahoma, she grew up in Kansas, North Dakota, and New Jersey, before landing in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1976 where she spent 25 years, everyone of them chanting "not another winter here?"

In 2001, she and Dan hit the road and haven't looked back since.

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