Gary Gibson

In a few days the offspring of the sexual congress between an African black (who really and truly was from an actual nation in Africa) and an American white of European descent will be sworn in as president of the United States. I don’t think this amounts to much at all. In fact, I nearly came to blows with someone at a restaurant bar over the notion a few weeks ago. He insisted that I should be overjoyed that a black guy was about to become president. It seemed lost on him that that assumption required pre-judging me based on my color; that it reduced my reason, memory and personal history to a neat little dark brown box. Perhaps he’d have liked to guess my I.Q., and proficiency at dancing and basketball as well.

Americans of obvious African descent really got a raw deal. Their ancestors were slaves in Africa and sold to Europeans by their African masters. That’s some introduction to American society…and you never really get over the first impression you make. And then there was the fact that Africans just looked so alien; surely, if you weren’t one of them, it must have been hard to think of them as human in quite the same way; the same genus perhaps, but not the same species. The swarthy Greek and Italian, epicanthic fold-bedecked Pole and Swede and even the unwashed Irish all eventually melded into the existing Anglo-Germanic society of North America…but at least they were honest-to-God white people. And the Asians! As exotic as they must have seemed to a European, they at least weren’t so brown (well, maybe the South Asians were…), nor at all nappy-headed.

It must have been easy for people of pure European stock to view Africans as chattel with only vaguely humanoid shapes: sort of like bipedal goats and cows. That, of course, didn’t stop white slave owners from doing what slave owners have done with their female slaves from time immemorial: add them to the harem. The result: there is hardly a person of African descent in the New World today who doesn’t have anywhere from 10 to 60% European ancestry (the median is about 20%; those with more than 60% or so were able “to pass” and sometimes they integrated into white society). In Latin American countries some of them wouldn’t even have to check “black” on the census box! On the other hand if you’re white in America and your ancestors’ arrival predates one of the waves of European immigration in the 19th and 20th Centuries, then you may be surprised at what’s in your family tree; it’s probably not just “a little bit of Indian.”

There are tons of blacks in North America with no immediate pure white ancestry who nevertheless carry about as much European DNA as someone like Obama whose own father was about as pure black African as one can get. Obama, despite having a white mamma, looks like any random sampling of blacks in the U.S. who on average have almost as much white ancestry, though very rarely as immediate as a full-blooded parent or grandparent. Someone like Obama has geographical/racial genetic markers occurring in clumps as opposed to the more sifted occurrences in the chromosomes born of generations of mixing. Whatever the case, it doesn’t take much African blood to make one black. A drop will do…particularly if the evidence is written on one’s features.

Let’s be frank: a lot of the resentment folks rightfully feel about government handouts and entitlements are focused very squarely on a particular group of recipients: the descendants of the African slaves in the U.S. To the average white taxpayer, they amount to shiftless negroes, crack-dealers and bastard-producing welfare queens…even more simply put: just about every single black person on these shores who isn’t a professional athlete, entertainer, Colin Powell, or Condoleezza Rice.

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China or the price of gold in a Comex squeeze?

I dunno.

I’m just pointing out that there is a very real and seemingly irreconcilable resentment among a small handful of different groups in this country. The two largest players are the American white and black races, but making a growing claim are the Spanish-speaking folk of largely indigenous descent (the majority of those reading this will know them simply as “Mexicans” or “illegals,” whatever their actual nationality). Their arrival to our black/white tussle is like that of fashionably late Kurds to an all-nighter being thrown by the Sunni and Shia.

I can only guess at the role these post-1492 mestizos will play as our nation wends its way toward currency destruction and resource shortages. Maybe a lot of them will just go back home. Maybe the ones who’ve been in the Southwest of this country for generations will conspire with the government of their ancestors and help reconquistar California, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, and a hearty chunk of Arizona. I do know that just about every one of the hundreds of Mexican or South American immigrants I’ve ever met usually works at least 10 hours per day and is willing to live in a small, neatly kept room for years at a time, often in a houseful of strangers. In other words, like the white immigrants who preceded them, they are willing to risk, sacrifice, and work hard in hopes of a better a future for their descendants. I also know that they feel about as much solidarity with blacks as do the Irish or Italian immigrants who came before.

Though the ethnic, linguistic and cultural differences certainly don’t help the situation, the hatred toward Hispanic immigrants (remember: the ones we see tend not to be primarily of European descent who tend to stay in their home countries…unless a communist dictator kicks them out…) is largely a byproduct of our welfare state. Those of us paying into it can’t help but resent those who benefit from it without paying a dime. Few probably hate the old, the sick or even the illegal immigrant so much as they hate being forced to give strangers money…though giving money to strangers from another tribe is probably more painful. Alas national socialism is a perfectly natural end result of the state…and it tends to breed the longing for genocidal purging.

But as I pointed out a little earlier, at least the Hispanic immigrant will be looking to earn his keep, even if he benefits from the taxes we pay and which he does not…and even if his descendants in this country are tripped up on their way to integration because of multicultural political frippery like bilingual education. On the other hand, black folks in this country have come to rely on politics to address grievances, instead of simply getting to work. Yet they mistrust and hate the state from which they demand resources. The result is an entire race stumbling through life like an indolent teenager who when asked to pitch in falls back on the line, “I never asked to be born.” Fair treatment before the law is about as far as anyone should want to take things. Government subsidy just begs for resentment.

Race is a troublesome and unscientific way to group things, but like Newtonian physics, it’s tremendously useful for where the rubber meets the road. Race is both real and ephemeral, a concrete phantom, a mirage that you can smell and taste just enough to think it has considerable substance. As with the aforementioned Newtonian mechanics, it breaks down when you look really close, but it’s real enough for the gross world in which people must live. Angels and molecular biologists can ignore it; most of us can’t.

The trouble really comes not from folks making personal decisions based on race, but on the state doing so. And here we come to the meat of this argument. The ideal American attitude toward people-who-aren’t-exactly-like-me ought to be “I’ll tolerate you…but don’t expect me to pay for you. I ask that you do the same.” Perhaps it would be so if we hadn’t been accelerating toward outright national socialism for the past hundred years. Socialism, despite its attempts at kindergarten inclusiveness, naturally lends itself to genocide. It’s what happens when you mix the basic human tendency to favor those clearly of one’s own tribe with forced resource-sharing a la the state.

Forced integration is as pernicious as forced segregation. Leave people alone and they’ll sort themselves out. I can’t fault anyone for wanting to live among people who look like they do and speak the same language. But that’s really a matter of property rights and personal freedom. When it becomes a matter the state feels obliged to address, the results are the enhanced division we see manifest in the decay and color-based blight in our cities. It was the state that initially passed laws forbidding people to intermarry and that racially codified who would be property, thus retarding integration of people of obvious African descent into mainstream society. It is the state that now uses money stolen from one set of citizens to pay off and simultaneously cripple another along glaringly racial lines.

It doesn’t matter whose ancestors did what or had what done to them. Things are as they are now, and compounding past errors with the excuse of past grievances is just not a good idea. Of course, the state doesn’t agree with me on this. Hence the past hundred years of forced integration and legislation, whose end result has been to strip one segment of the people of initiative, morals, and hope…and which continues to foster resentment and mutual distrust…and often hatred.

Working whites don’t’ mind the relatively small portion of their own race on the dole so much, but they see the black race as (innately) parasitical and perhaps intellectually challenged. And this goes for those whites who voted along party lines for the black messiah. Whether they think this calls for coddling, deportation or extermination is an individual matter, but the perception is probably fairly uniform. They may view Hispanics the same way to varying degrees, while Hispanics may have similar intimations towards blacks. Whites see non-whites as taking food from their own children’s mouths at the point of the government gun and offering only criminal violence in return. Whatever the accuracy of this perception—and it’s very accurate to quite a few—whites may not stand for it as the going continues to get unbelievably rough for them financially. Meanwhile, the black race seems to be itching for a chance to enact wholesale violence against the white race…and probably won’t be in any better shape materially as scarcity increases.

A black face will be superimposed on the head of the monster from D.C. I suspect that it doesn’t mean a blessed thing in terms of healing the damage done to race relations by state intervention in the first place. And then there’s what we expect will happen to the currency. Hmm…hyperinflation and three large and distinct racial groups who really don’t care for each other? How do you think this is going to turn out? Personally I think no amount of wishful thinking and singing “Kumbaya” together is going to help. When resources get scarce, people tend to eat the horses…and then each other…and they tend to do their killing along ethnic and racial lines.

Gary Gibson

January 16, 2009

Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson is the managing editor for Whiskey and Gunpowder. He joins the Whiskey staff as a long-time fan and reader of both Whiskey and Gunpowder and the Daily Reckoning. A graduate of Fordham University, Gary now spends his days reading about and writing on limited government, sound money, personal responsibility and resource investing.

  • Luc

    Really enjoyed the read. Solid ideas but you clouded it up with an extreme overuse of vocabulary. You have to keep the dialog as plain as possible to get such concrete ideas through to us simpletons.

  • Mel Garden

    I have to commend you on your foresight……you have just confirmed my predictions that the US will go into a series of local civil wars when the depression becomes full blown.

    Your continuing and frustrating neglect of your Constitution and the Laws of the land from monetary to immigration is your Trojan horse.

    It is gratifying to see that a black man “spends his days reading about and writing on limited government, sound money, personal responsibility”….do you think you could get a few ‘whitemen’ to follow suit and stop your hellbent rush into unlimited government, phony money and no responsibility much less accountability.

  • ray smith

    When I saw your smiling face I had to smile too. I think there’s a chance we can make this whole damn thing work out. Haole Boy in Hawaii

  • MzScarlett

    the agenda of the USA has always worn the face of slavery: every other nation saw it & knew we were in reality under tyranny & bullies & enslaved: but not the people of the USA; in reality what is going on in this country is quite simply this: a reinstatment of exactly what went on in Hitler’s day complete with concentration camps & citizens being #d by Fed ID bracelets; google earth & you will see the Haliburton complete already set up places for citizens; this is the way our nation has gone: they tell us up front but we don’t interpret it correctly: “we are keeping all the $ at the top” we have never been broke; truth is quite simply the USA has so incredibly much $ they have bribed heads of other countries to “do it their way” keep all the $, do whatever you want & never have to brought to justice for it”; go to youtube & view “power of nightmares” it outlines exactly & precisely how the “force for good” was fabricated out of lies & the “enemy” was actually non existant! (based on of all things Matt Dillon!) appropriate cuz every single agency is a “stage setting” to fool the public: do nothing & siphon trillions of $ thru it! Our “nation of law” changes it’s rules, laws, each court as seen by Judge Sonya Sottomeyer US Fed Court of Appeals calls the “administration” (new) to find out “how to rule” in Mahr vs Ashcroft; this runs from Supreme (being careful of course to rule “against” Bush at times simply to “fool the public”; even circuit courts & state courts are all set up this way & the dept of justice does only of course what it is told to do!
    Having no Al Queda (they didn’t exist, if they did were extremely small & if had any guns at all were small) but they HAD to have “enemy” to explain the trillions of $ of equipment that always gets stolen as backed up by Congress (don’t know may be in the hands of the “enemy”) which in reality only existed on paper. After all they HAVE told the public repeatedly that THEY Are going to keep all the $ at the top; & per NY mayor no they are not going to tax the rich; what would happen if they did & it didn’t work? in TRUTH: they don’t even NEED tax payer $ folks: they have so much $ they are paying Black Water grunts $20,000 a month & the literally hundreds of contractors in Iran $7,0000 a MONTH: but citizens of USA military of course get $1500 “cuz they are broke” cuz the PEOPLE have “always been incredibly easy to fool”; haven’t you figured it out yet? they say local members of “st congress” & the white house administrators broke into laughter on C span at “it is to be a Gov of the people by the people for the people”; they are now paying the Pakistan military $1b to “create” a Taliban so they have a “real enemy” to fight; & of course the Gov officials there have tens of thousands of dollars (more like hundreds of thousands) & the Afghans are being abused just like the citizens here & the people have nothing & are asking why huge tracts of land have been given to USA “cronies”; simple: the agenda is to own the land & water rights of all countries: & “free trade” which beneifts the chosen few only: not fair trade which benefits the people; look to Colombia & the so called “war on drugs” where folks wanting a living wage are targeted & murdered: & the book it’s all the American workers fault cuz they wanted higher wages & benefits; Oh, Bill brought back $800,000 for Hillary’s campaign as reported by Stenopholus on Round Table; wondering how that would play out as she “supposedly” stood against it; within days a “political adivsor” was saying the trade agreement was in reality signed in 2006; just expired 1/08; ha ha ha! & on 5/1/08 they had not even yet fully loaded it into the internet showing “bipartisan agreement”; SWEET! how do YOU like being a slave? oh, & per Gerald Rivera they have not yet decided if blacks or browns will get roofing jobs; on Leno promoting his book Hispanic; & bush of course gave $473m to rush citizenship illegally for millions to vote democractic! isn’t it sweet? such a treat! just wait for you to get on the trains to “rebuild & restore” USA! and the “new oil” of course is water; & they are agressively destroying all supplies: mining, blowing mountaintops to destroy & deliberately overbuiling cuz who cares anyway? all parks, mountains, etc are to be cut down & deliberately commercialized & Corps do NOT have to pay taxes! YOU the citizens if you are still alive get to pay them for them! Every country bribed to “go along” with this scenario cuz “we are so broke”; they are activley & agressively going after all savings cuz you in reality won’t need them anyway! Nice knowin y’all!

  • Ken Fischer

    Mr Gibson,

    You sound cranky. Pin a copy of your article to the wall and vow to re-visit it on this day in 2019. I believe you will see that the US and, in fact, the whole world will have made great strides against racism and the problems it has spawned.

  • Gary Gibson

    Mr. Fischer,

    You sound presumptuous.

    These are my honest opinions on the matter. I have no emotion on this at all. Just telling it as I see it. I don’t give a rat’s ass how this turns out. I wasn’t going to live forever anyway.

  • Victor Bunch

    hey gary, i just read your article and enjoyed it very much, it is refreshing to know that all black folks don’t think obama hung the moon, and did you know that the black people of the south that had money and could afford it owned more slaves than the white folk did, now don’t that duck your hat in the creek, fact is the black sold thier own into slavery and had that not have happened do you think that you might not be where you are today, if they had not been brought to america by the white and/ or the black do you suppose they might be in the same predicament that they are in now in africa, guess we’ll never know huh, have a great eve and God bless

  • Mark Hoover

    Thank you for a frank summary of the origin and nature of the racial tectonic fault lines in the US. This is one of the verboten topics in mainstreem media. Unfortunately, I share your belief that when TSHTF, the economic stress will release itself in ways that divide upon racial lines.

  • Jon

    I have to agree, although i think the majority will blame the illegals as they have become the scapegoat for a lot of blue collar woes. In my opinion they are not directly to blame and it is our the greed infused attitude of corporate america and globalizition to blame for the current situation. Well it is cheaper to make stuff in china and then i know sell it back to americans as if it cost the same to make it there as it would here, the only people willing to do our manufacturing are people from another country who think 5$ an hr is an improvement, oh and farming why would i want to pay somebody to work my crops at a decent wage, when i used to have slaves for that kind of thing, well i have probably got off subject but my point is we dug our own grave by deciding to ship all our work overseas and encouraged an importation of foreign workers to do what we couldnt ship.

    p.s also what irks about race and america’s attitude is the majority of us really have no idea what we founded this country on, Genocide, yes thats right all you upstanding citizens of the free world what nobody likes to talk about is our great country is founded on the ethnic cleanzing of north america and redistrubition of wealth from the rightful owners. But nobody likes to think that in general all of your great great grandfathers in general are theives, liars and murderers oh yeah rapists too i forgot about that

  • Mr. Day

    Mr. Gibson,
    Excellent insight into the history of race in America. I thought wow! this guy is really laying it on, and then I had to chuckle when saw your race. You say it like it is, without bias to race, creed or color. We do have to get beyond race in America, because the next battle will be with Islam as it tries to change everything America stands for. Freedom and Tolerance. Live and let live. Best regards to you.

  • Flip Doubt

    My feeling is that the mistake we are making is in not welcoming all those that are here and requiring them to speak English and become citizens.
    The bad habit we are guilty of is we use identifiers like Irish- American or Mexican-American rather than American.
    I understand humans need to label but in my opinion we should not use those identifiers or think like that but everyone does it whether or not they want to because thats a human trait to identify possible danger.

    I know my opinion is certainly not going to go over well, about the welcoming of all, but thats one of the best things about America. The Melting Pot is the single thing that makes us different from all other nations.
    We also get an incredible benefit from all those illegals and races and its new ideas and perspectives and talent.
    This country used to have classes for the new immigrant to help them become and identify as americans.
    I feel that was wise to have because look at the results of not having it we have tons of great workers that identify as mexicans rather than becoming americans.
    Another thing to point out is all races have been slaves.
    A huge number of Americans came here as indentured servants which is voluntary slavery.
    I agree that blacks got a lousy first impression and more but so did the indians.
    I also think that every new group was discriminated against and overcame those discriminations and in hindsight we are better off as a nation for that groups arrival.
    I disagree with those that say the present newcomer is a problem and lock the doors. I agree with them about the english language and also the services given the illegals. We are stupid to print anything in spanish and to allow them to purchase houses and drive cars and get medical attention for free (beyond emergency life saving) without being a citizen.
    Everyone working here should be working to become a citizen and a full member of our society or not here costing the American money. No country can survive giving away its resources to foreigners.
    I agree with your reasoning about Obama but I also think it will be good for all children to see a man thats black as our President. Why? Because it kills excuses and ends a way of thinking.

    You also sounded presumptuous with the statement “…the majority of the readers will….” but we all are that and it goes to humans using identifiers for good decision making on the quick.

    I am writing from Phoenix, Az. and my mother came here from Ireland and after being here 30 years she became a citizen. My fathers side came here with the great groups of Irish in the late 1800’s. Everything I said is just my opinion but that can be changed.

  • pedrito

    looking forward to a new president, despite all the issues that we all talk , we shall overcome this nuisance of racial tension.
    P.S it is unfair to say that “immigrants take, and take and don’t pay taxes” FYI that is not true, even my pets do pay taxes.jaja! :—-)

  • Colo Cliff

    Good frank, clear opinion. I too believe as you on many things
    Colorado and DC weren’t breaking sales records for firearms and ammo the last few months for prarie dog plinking. People are feeling threatened. Thank you.Cliff

  • Smarty Pants

    If Obama was indeed born in Kenya and his father is indeed African, he is not a natural born citizen of America, and therefore is not eligible to be President. End of Story.

    This has nothing to do with black or white. Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t be President for the very same reason.

    P.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more Americans decided to exercise the Second Amendment to remedy the situation.

  • arby63

    As Mr. Gibson points out, if the State would get out of the way then the races and the economy would sort through the details with much greater efficiency. Forced solutions never work; rather, they only delay the implosion.

  • Gary Gibson

    Agreed, arby.

    Cliff, as a new Baltimore resident I completely understand the desire to be heavily armed, especially as I sense even more dire times heading our way. I pray that Agora eventually lets me do my work from abroad.

  • Joe C.

    Happy Birthday, Gary…. Cudos on a fine and illuminating article.
    While I have read other pieces that shed some rational light on this highly charged topic, I have yet to hear of any proposals to address it. Liberal Democrats are quite content in using our collective money ( in the form of taxes) to literally buy the black vote even though they surely must understand that the bottom line is that they are breeding dangerous discontent.
    I hope, for all our sakes, that someone can come up with solutions to this potentially lethal situation.

  • Joe

    Dear Gary,

    Congratulations! An erudite and ‘from the gut’ article! I think you may be surprised at how many people would agree with your view (but then, from your insights, maybe not).

    It’s never a clear cut ideology or race issue and I must agree with your point of view. Race or ideology is just too academic and easy an excuse to reason away the violence perpretrated by the following many on behalf of the charismatic few. History has proven and will continue to prove that when the chips are down, horse meat tastes good and it’s always the fault of the ‘stranger’ because it is in precisely difficult times when people of evil disposition stoke the fires of fear and hatred and provide ‘absolution’ to those who ‘just follow orders’.

    But that does not absolve the ‘stranger’ does it? I mean, harmony is achieving common ground in values, norms, beliefs, traditions etc? And there’s the rub. It is when the stranger brings with him his unshakeable pride in his ingrained values that offend others that you find the seeds of discontent planted firmly for future conflict. And the worst, the very worst fertiliser to feed to these dormant seeds are the actions resulting from the ‘good’ intentions of elected officials and the paid lobbyists behind them.

    As to going abroad? At least where you are now you can still voice your opinion publicly without fear of persecution. And by that I mean real persecution, the silent behind the scenes kind where your tenure on this planet is quietly cut short and nobody hears about it. Where would you go with your point of view? Your views diametrically oppose the ‘isms’ (facism, socialism etc) so beloved of the motley powermongers of this world. At least I can give you this advice: Steer clear of Africa, you wont last 6 months with your sense of right and wrong

    Keep up the quality of your writing!

  • Philip Biggins

    I am Canadian and have many friends of many ethnicities and “color” since you seem to like to differentiate. I am very proud to be married to a First Nations native lady . I hate to say it but i feel discrimination and racial separation by some “people of color” who come here but refuse to adapt to Canadian society and will not even allow their children to play with children not of the same race!! Now that is unfortuante and sets us up for potential problems . We MUST stop this diverse distinction of race and call each other either Americans(and actually become an American), Canadian and become an actual Canadian citizen. It is a privelige to live in N. America otherwise WHY are all these people trying to get into our countries. BUT you can not come into a country and expect the country to change to “your” ways. I find myself getting frustrated when i see, for example, a very pregnant woman carrying armfulls of groceries while her “Man” walks in front of her and carries NOTHING but his own overblown concept of “self’ !! It is real simple, when in someone else’s “home” (country), treat them and their home with respect and respect will be shown to them. Respect is shown where respect is due! Relative to racial segregation, folks fought for decades to eliminate it , especially in the USA . It seems rediculous that after finally abolishing it , now we have,for example, Black only schools, Black Entertainment, Black Colleges, Miss Black America, etc., etc., etc. What kind of a message is that projecting??? Is that not discriminating against all other races of different “color”?? Doesn’t sound much like wanting to actually eliminate racial segregation to me?? It actually exacerbates racial divisions. We create our own circumstances by our actions and if one says they don’t want discrimination , then “Walk the walk” as Christ would suggest. Just my humble opinion.

  • CanadaNorth


    Just read all of the comments, I too am from Canada like Phil Biggins a previous commentor. I also have Irish blood lines and a few others, so I know a bit of history of other ‘have not’ ethnic groups. I am 61 years of age and said to a friend the other day, Ed we are quite lucky that we were born poor and he agreed wholeheartedly! In Canada there is a very similar situation with our 1st Nation or Native groups. As in the so called “Black” tribes who originated out of Africa, there were and still are tribal rivalries here as in the States. For anyone to say that “The Blacks” or “The Bloods” will rebel gainst “The Whites” is not particularly probable. Go to any local hockey game in Canada, the browns, the whites, the tans and every player in between are playing for their own side, not some ethnic side. I say things will get better and better. Obama has made a lot of people smile I think. Obama is nether Black nor White, but is a nice Brown color. But more than this Obama is Obama, he is a youngish man whom I believe has the right stuff. I believe it is more likely that good things will happen because of him being elected than bad things. Anyway the big thing to remember is that Obama has the American people behind him and I also believe most Canadians as well.

    And Gary, great article! All of this had to be said as you so aptly put on paper. Reconsider moving somewhere else though, as you have many more friends here than you think, many you have not even met yet!

    Best Regards

  • Gary Gibson

    Many happy returns. Thanks for the thoughts.

  • SAW the Russians were right…….the US will break up.

    And I wonder if I’m right in foreseeing the creation of a national African-American political party in the US to challenge the Reps and the Dems. And that’ll then be followed by a national Hispanic Party and a ………and then a…………..

  • Ricardo Nunez C

    Quite an interesting view of things but too complicate for me to read all and grasp it. Anyway, I have to say my perception from here in south america as a 3rd world country indigenous human with a few drops of european blood here & there and a white/mestizo colour of skin and an european (ancestors from Italy and netherlands) few neurons here & there..that the election of Barack is a great thing to the USA or North America & South. Its also a good simbolic event in the history of the recent wORLD. I think that brings at least a sense of more real tendency to un-discrimination, to become more integrated instead of desintegrating.

    The other perception is that if many of the so called crazy ideas of “illluminaty” hordes are true then I fear that Barack was put there intentionally to give a nice face to the “naive” world perception and on the hidden real purpose the devil and demonic reason of setting a brown/black intelligent bright guy with one of the most terrible and complex economic & ecological problems to solve FAST in this PLANET.. or ….?

    Anyway, hope I could put my thoughts and perceptions quite correctly for you readers to understand.
    Cheers from Ecuador
    Love whisky&gunpowder!

  • jennifer Bhala Hansen

    Ha. lol, great read.

  • milton hillman

    I am 80 years old and Jewish and have experienced as much discrimination as any Black or Mexican in the US. I remember my home town with large signs of “No Jews or dogs” side by side with “colored” drinking fountains and lavatories. I never had to move to the back of the bus but was unwelcome in many organization and schools. I have been told that my relatives or I control all the money in the world and still read that nonsense on the internet. frequently unrelated to the subject at hand. My high school’s athletic teams had to get police escorts after their games in the State where i was raised because there were Jews on the teams and we usually won, which Jews are not supposed to do. I have been in fights and antisemitic
    battles when it was discovered that I was Jewish. Many States in the South would have gladly lynched me if were unfortunate anough to receive a speeding ticket.The Holocast in Germany was treated by great glee in most of Europe and supported by many here in the States. I still see most of the world’s problems blamed on Israel and the Jews of the US in articles on the internet. I think Mr. Gibson is right on in his analysis of racial relatioons but if attacked from elsewhere we will all somehow turn out to be brothers and sisters. I think that racial relationos have improved markedly in my lifetime and the election of Mr. Obama was great for international relations. It is too bad he turned out to be a Socialist-Fascist schmuck obeying the orders of the political elite who are his puppet masters.

  • steadysteve

    You might be interested in the “American Heritage Series” videos which can be purchased thru . Blacks have been robbed (deliberately) of their history by the progressive/humanist political bloc. A section of the series focuses on blacks who were crucial in the founding of our Republic.
    If this was taught in our nation’s public schools (some private Christian school use this material) along with a proper work ethic , I believe it would go far to foster the kind of mutual respect among the citizenry our Founders envisioned.

  • L P

    Great article! Living in the south i think you are right about the feelings the different races have for one other. What most fail to see or understand is that reguardless of the feelings for one another is that i am only as free as you and you are only as free as me!

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