Republicans Should Accede to Sonia Sotomayor

The Republicans should accede to Sonia Sotomayor.

Think about that.

And a lady of my beliefs and character saying anything that appalling!  The woman has no qualifications to be on anything more elevated than a park bench.  She has no judgement, no legal skills, single vision, and has made her way upwards on the preferential treatment arising from her privileged status as a female and Hispanic.  She may hold the record for having her decisions overturned by higher courts.  Why would I propose that such a travesty be perpetrated upon the Court?

After dawdling suitably (the Demmies are less dangerous raving about the glories of wise Latinas–despite Harry Reid not having bothered to read a single one of the cases she has decided–than they are when pressing full steam ahead on their even worse proposed legislation),  the Republicans need to acquiesce sweetly.  They can’t stop the Obamanaut anyway.  They should at least trade their votes for time.

The real reason is that Madame Kowtowtominorities isn’t suited to such a position but every time we fight the bunch in power and think we have won the next thing they spring is far worse.  Consider the original “stimulus” bill.  It was three pages long.  It was beaten back and replaced with something the length of a stack of Allen Drury or Tom Clancy novels, as full of fiction, but not nearly as entertaining or well-written.

Sonya will be bad, but indifferently bad.  She will be no worse than what she will replace, which in these trying times is probably a triumph.  She will maintain the wretched status quo, which is the closest thing to a loss which can be inflicted upon our enemies.

Remember the female who was promised either a seat on the Supreme Court or that she would be the first woman president if she didn’t drop kick the POTUS down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and set his much-handled shorts on fire?  Yeah, that one, currently winning friends and impressing people in the Middle East.

The only disaster bigger than Obama playing in the oval office (differently from the way Bill Clinton did it, of course.  Or so we suppose.) would be Obama in the White House and La Belle Clinton as a hanging judge on the Supreme Court.  That is a vision to put ice crystals in the blood.  A truly horrid thought is that Hillary remains wildly popular with her party–including strong support from those who would love to see her with the Supremes because then she wouldn’t be in the way of their darling, the modern equivalent of sticking a rival in the Vestal Virgins for thirty years or sending wealthy widows to convents.

Voting against Hillary would be difficult for Republicans because I can hear the mantra now.  Beating up on that fabulously-qualified woman, a distinguished attorney (who got her only job offer because Bill pulled strings), the woman who revamped the Arkansas school system (it  became #50 on the list), a former Senator (never mind that she ran in a pocket borough) and the current Secretary of State?  Shame and fie, Sirs and Madams.

The only “green shoot” I see in this position is a political chart that looks like one of our moving average plots.  Six months of Marxism is about all even some former starry-eyed supporters of The Chosen One can take.  The chart shows a soothing X formation emerging, as those who strongly disapprove of where Obama is shoving this nation are on the upswing.  Even the man’s enormous personal popularity is getting the gilt worn off, revealing the base metal beneath.

Pah.  Sheer frustration and fury are having to chart politics as a concomitant to charting stocks.  I feel like Cato (another of my heroes) because what is there to say other than to echo Paul Revere?  “The Greater Depression is coming!  The Greater Depression is coming!”   We feel like the Lady of Shalott: “The Doom is come upon me!”  Finally, Cato:  “And, in conclusion, I would like to say that now is the time to buy all the silver you can get your hands on.”

Silver finished the week off by dropping another twenty cents, and gold let go of a dollar grudgingly late in the day, and I really have to start a chart because it is difficult to keep up mentally with “Down .30, .20, .27, .01, .20…n” or  however it went.

Fortunately,  I still say, Cato-like, “The lower silver goes, the better I like it.”  You couldn’t pry mine out of my hands with a crow bar.  I’m holding it for the day when it can be swapped for land at very advantageous prices.

I would really like to know why you are accumulating silver.  Are you buying to double the value when the gold:silver ratio finally returns to traditional ranges?  Are you hoping for a giant increase in price so that you can sell, and buy…what?  Are you keeping it as I do, as your primary safety factor if the dollar crashes or is replaced with a Globo or Amero, and/or for a Depression so deep silver is a premium barter item?

Many of the economic and financial problems–which drive the social and political messes–are the result of concatenation of decades of not having hard money.  Heinlein jested that virginity is a curable perversity, and so is fiat money.  The problem is, there is too much money and power in funny money, and we’re going to have to wait until Bernanke bombs us back into the Dark Ages dropping bundles of increasingly worthless green paper on us.

Linda Brady Traynham

July 14, 2009

The Daily Reckoning