Peter Schiff: Anti-American

The bearish Peter Schiff wandered into Fox's Saturday business block last weekend and found himself getting the full Ward Churchill treatment.

In recent days, Schiff's role on CNBC panels has evolved a bit from one of the loopy uncle at the family get-together to that of the loopy uncle who somehow got it right when it came to the subprime meltdown and resulting liquidity crunch.  He's still well outside the mainstream, but no one has a comeback when he points out that many of his macro-predictions are coming to pass.

Not so on Cavuto on Business.  No, there he gets shouted down and smeared as "anti-American."  Seriously:

Charles Payne angrily called guest Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, "anti-American" merely for suggesting that all is not rosy in the American economy. Other panelists told him he that he didn't know what he was talking about. He was shouted down and not allowed to speak. The "fair and balanced" business experts obviously didn't really want the FOX viewers to hear what Schiff had to say, even though a year ago, Schiff accurately predicted the collapse of the housing market.

Cavuto's disdain for his guest was evident and was, once again, a reminder that the new FOX Business Network is going to be populated by analysts who are more like toothy, glad-handing used car salesmen than in-depth financial experts.

Exactly.  Fox Business Network is Cavuto's baby.  Its viewers stand to be as ill-informed about finance and economics as viewers of Fox News Channel are about the world at large.

And speaking of Cavuto, how long's it been since he had Jim Rogers on?  Was Rogers drummed out as a regular panelist on account of insufficient flag-waving?  Or did his genteel nature finally get a bellyful of the weekly shoutfest game and he decided he had better things to do with his time?  Hey, CNBC… Time to bring back Strictly Business!

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