Now is the Time to Go Nuclear

In 2010, I believe that the stars are aligning for nuclear power. In 2008, costs for everything (steel, concrete, copper, equipment, etc.) pretty much skyrocketed and a lot of developments in the nuclear space were either delayed or deferred. In 2009, the markets crashed and capital availability dried up. Again, many nuclear projects were delayed or deferred.

But the world needs the energy. The so-called alternative energy systems — wind, solar geothermal — are starved for capital, technically problematic and hard to scale up even on the best of days. Carbon-based systems are now out of favor, certainly in the elite salons of the Western world. Coal-fired power won’t cut it in the West (unless things get really bad — which they might.)

The modern nuclear power industry offers fourth-generation technology that’s MUCH safer than it was in the past. This includes nuclear reactors — with standardized designs and less-dangerous fuel systems — that are faster to construct and much less costly than in the olden days. To cap it off, the nuke power industry today offers a better handle on nuclear waste and weapon proliferation issues. It’s all good — or at least, it’s much better than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

Thus, it’s time to get into the nuclear investment space, and I believe we’re getting in near the bottom.

The Daily Reckoning