How’s That War Going?

How’s the war going? Huh? Do you mean the war over in Ukraine? Or the US government’s war against its own people?

Well, the first one, the Ukraine War, is mostly destroying Europe — though, apparently, the denizens of Germany, Holland, et al., haven’t figured that out yet. Europe’s industrial economy is toast without affordable Russian natural gas supplies.

We turned off their pipeline for that in September and nobody in Europe objected. They just sucked it up and went back to smoking cigarettes at their café tables.

A year or so from now, maybe nobody in Europe will have enough money for a cappuccino (or cigarettes) and maybe then they’ll start asking the mental mollusks who run things there some questions — if they don’t just leapfrog all that politesse and burn the joint down.

The U.S. Wants the War to Continue

The main thing about the Ukraine War is that the US doesn’t want it to end. You understand, it is not about any airy-fairy principles such as freedom for Ukraine. It’s about bleeding Russia. no matter how many dead Ukrainians it takes.

It traces back to a US official plan to promote a delusional psychosis about Russia after years of using it to propagandize American citizens.

Naturally, our folks-in-charge have to justify that antagonism by pretending we have vested interests in Ukraine, which we don’t, by the way.

The Propaganda Campaign Is Backfiring

So far, everything we’ve done to promote the conflict has backfired on Western Civ. Most of the rest of the world recognizes that the US has gone insane and they are taking careful steps to decouple from us — mainly to stop using our money for international trade.

Really, would you want to have anything to do with a crazy person? No, you’d put as much distances as possible between you and this lunatic and stop even trying to communicate.

If the world stops using the dollar in trade, the dollar will lose value, and so will the trillions in US bond paper held by other countries, which said countries will seek to unload as quickly as possible. Can you spell sovereign debt crisis?

Look out below…

Is It Worth It?

Americans, apparently, are not emotionally exercised over the Ukraine War because we don’t have any troops coming home from there in body-bags (not yet, at least).

Many have probably noticed that we’ve blown over $100-billion on the project, and, along with the aforementioned debt crisis, that might just plant a seed of resentment as prices in the supermarkets and at the gas pumps shoot up ever more and the mass job layoffs surge, and the repo man comes a’knocking, and more banks wobble.

Of course, our Ukraine War project (based on the mind-game Why-Don’t-You-and-Him-Fight?) could end pretty suddenly if, as rumored, Ukraine runs out of cannon fodder and artillery shells (despite all our assistance). And then what?

You’re left with “Joe Biden” looking like history’s all-time champeen loser, and watch out in the Taiwan Strait, where the US Pacific Fleet could get transformed into the world’s biggest set of floating ashtrays.

You get the picture? Now how about that other war: our government’s war against us?

The War Against the Public

What canny reporters (Taibbi, Schellenberger) are calling the Censorship Industrial Complex has been pretty well outed. Everybody knows that the FBI, CIA, DHS, and many other agencies, via hijacked social media, have worked tirelessly to confound and bamboozle the public debate about, really, everything that matters.

The odd part is that roughly half of America doesn’t seem to care. Of course, that is the same half of the country that has fallen in love with surveillance, censorship, political prosecutions, election monkey business, mandated mRNA shots, and other excursions into bad faith.

Their auditors in the mainstream news media actually seem to relish their roles as enforcers of unreality.

This degenerate wickedness has been escalating since one Donald Trump stepped onstage years ago. The “Joe Biden” regime affects to have trapped him finally in the lair of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Now the game gets interesting.

As to the case itself, a judge with any self-respect would have tossed it in a pre-trial hearing like a six-day-dead carp at the slightest prompting by a defense attorney — based, as it is, on multiple specious novelties of criminal law, not to mention being well beyond the statute of limitations.


If this stinker can actually get to trial, the prosecution will be a jurisprudential joke for the ages. If they get a Big Apple jury to go along with the joke, it will be short-listed through the appeals process clean up to the Supreme Court in a New York minute.

And if that whole thing falls apart like the janky jenga tower it is, there are two other matters against Mr. Trump in the wings — the BS case in Fulton County, Georgia.

That’s where the grand jury process was already compromised by a jury fore-person, self-identified as a “witch,” shooting her mouth off to the press; and the operation out of the DC Federal District run by one Special Counsel Jack Smith in the Mar-a-Lago classified papers matter — another loser case, considering all the other high officials currently entangled in similar complaints, as yet unmolested by any official charges.

Sound like a plan?

A Plan to Foment Civil War?

Yes, it sounds like a plan to foment a civil war. Especially considering all the other BS in our country is being subjected to by a bureaucracy-gone-wild, the regime fronting for it, and its legions of mentally ill useful idiots disturbing the peace all over the land.

Probably more than half of America realizes that the legal system has been hijacked by the same rogues who infiltrated social media and the state boards of election.

They’re getting good and sick of it, along with all the mental twerkery around transgenderism, race hustling, climate change, and Ukraine.

I’m sure it means we’re in for a thrilling spring and summer.

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