Robert Wenzel

The introduction of so-called porno scanners at America’s airports and the egregious pat downs of airline travelers have turned every American into a German Jew. Instead of dehumanizing and demeaning one segment of the population in order to pave the way for the Holocaust, all airline travelers are being treated like German Jews by our government for our own good — to keep us safe from terrorists on airplanes.

The TSA now considers every American a potential “enemy of the state,” because any one of us may be carrying a bomb aboard an airplane, despite the fact that young men from the Middle East perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

“Hold on,” say TSA officials and their lackeys in Congress and in the media, “Our federal government is not out to harm us let alone kill us like the Nazis did to the Jews; our government needs to conduct “aggressive measures” to “protect” us on all commercial flights from potential terrorists.” That is the party line.

I can understand objections to those who point to Nazi Germany and warn that this is what current day America is about. But I disagree with this objection.

The ultimate horrors in Nazi Germany were, indeed, much more terrible than anything close to what has occurred so far in America. But one should do more than only consider just the ultimate horrors of what went on in Nazi Germany. One must think about the road that was traveled by the Germans to get to that point.

I believe one of the most serious misunderstandings about totalitarianism is that it arrives as a full package that requires no assembly. That it is put on the people, like a winter coat. All at one time, and in full view for all to see.

This is a grave misunderstanding.

I often wondered why more Jews didn’t flee Nazi Germany. The answer did not come to me until I saw Roman Polanski’s important movie, The Pianist.

In the movie, Polanski demonstrates how many Jews were simply one step behind. When Nazi Germany limited how much money a Jew could have, instead of leaving the country, many Jews debated where they should hide their money. When Jews were required to move to certain parts of the city, many Jews simply focused on how to find the best place to live, instead of leaving the country. And then, of course, eventually it was too late to leave the country.

Would some Jews, perhaps a few, have listened and benefited from early warnings of ”fringe” voices about dangers? I think so. Would it have made sense to object to the Nazi limit on how much money a Jew could hold, and thus put at least a speed bump in the way of the Nazis? I think so.

No, they haven’t pulled up the trains in America, yet. But, when the trains do pull up, it is too late.

It’s clear what totalitarianism looks like and when I see it in America, I am going to object loud and clear. Whether it is groping TSA agents, or spying SEC agents. For it is those first steps where the battle needs to be won. Dehumanization in Germany, as Murray Sabrin points out, came step-by-step.

Dehumanization, whether it is groping or limiting how much money an ethnic group can hold, is still dehumanization. It’s the same road. We all know where that road led to in Nazi Germany. Maybe we can learn from history and stop the US from heading any further down that road.

Do my cries of warning put me on the fringe? Yes, they do. But it is a fringe group that I am proud to stand with.

Robert Wenzel
Whiskey & Gunpowder

November 24, 2010

Robert Wenzel

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher at and at Target Liberty. He is also author of The Fed Flunks.

  • Joe MI

    Good post Robert,

    I have a question though. What is one’s reference point in flying the “dehumanization” flag? I see a lot of great statements in W&G regarding what’s wrong and what’s right, but never with a point of reference as to what criteria are used in order to arrive to these conclusions. Is it subjective? If so, then who are you to say anything against anyone else, for all men do what’s right in their own eyes? If it’s objective then what’s the “object”?

    This is coming from someone who agrees with your statements almost all the time.

  • Patrick McDonald

    Don’t worry everyone knows what you are saying. You have written what we have been thinking all along. nazification is like some kind of long term plan that can be invoked at any time. it takes a little nudge and people will surrender all their liberties for protection. there will be even an exit tax for those who wish to exit migrate to another country. there will be under national emergency orders an appointed guard to oversee you are only allowed to take papers from your bank security deposit box and nothing else. Greed power money more money big contracts and people who will do anything to you under the colour of authority. We can be punished for being openly honest in how we believe managment has misplaced its prorities and turned against common regular joe q public. tell a lie enough and people begin to believe its the truth. the government is the public service devoted to the people. it is immoral and illegal to use the government to abuse its own citizens. if we go on the gold standard…would other countries do a call and ask for our gold in exchange of our currency? is there a money real money commodity out there worth more than gold? yes there is. Did ya ever wonder why we were fighting in S.E. Asia and Israel had to fight for its very existance…and Golda Mier had contingency plans to suicide if Israel lost the war? An Army Colonel who had really been through it all and knew how the power structure worked would tell us;”one day you might find yourself working for a psychopath.” He opened our eyes to everything…and that made him controversial…suspect…and he was the good guy. Thanks for the article. you didn’t overcross the boundary. You are Diogenes with an illuminated lamp in the night.

  • John Tytlanite

    Don’t agree with your comment about getting out of all the countries (Afghanistan) implies that we are provoking the terrorists. Sadly, You fail to mention that they (Muslim extremeists) are trying to kill or convert all non muslims which has ZERO to do with being in their country. The other item that needs mentioning that while Homeland Security is intent on checking, gropeing, and touching Americans without any cause they fail to secure our borders where terrorists and any one wishing to do harm to us can easily enter. This administration would rther sue Arizona than secure our borders. Heck Bush never secured our borders either. Amazing that it is so hard to do but we can secure the Korean border and lock that down. We had the German border when the wall was up and could secure that but our own country we can’t secure. Amazing stuff.

  • steverino

    follow the money
    then the kid X the street in brand new boots, working for them…

    planned economy
    inspectors’ gadgets
    state-run corporations


  • ehswan

    Boycott TSA, share rides.
    We can help each other out, and save money.

  • Blue

    “How wonderful for governments that the people they administer do not think” ~~ Adolph Hitler

  • david and renata riley

    The USA and Canada have become Police States!

  • Queen’s Bishop

    The TSA now considers every American a potential “enemy of the state,” because any one of us may be carrying a bomb aboard an airplane, despite the fact that young men from the Middle East perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

    This statement implies that the TSA should focus their scanning and groping on young Middle eastern men.
    Really? Because that would be suicidally naive.
    In a line up of Blacks, Asians, Whites, Hispanic , and Middle Eastern could you spot the Muslim? Well I have new for you. They could ALL be Muslims (and the Middle Easterner could be a Christian or a Jew.

    What is so depressing about this whole business is that those many of the anti-grope camp throw up their hands and cry “Why can’t we profile? That’s what the israelis do!”
    Utter bollocks. The Israeli’s do not profile racially but rather behaviorally. They recruit, train and deploy officer-level military to walk among and engage travellers in often innocuous, low-key conversations. If something doesn’t quite seem right, that person is yanked out for a more rigorous interrogation.

    Much as I detest the TSA for their uniform rank stupidity and utter incompetence – being only a rung above fast-food worker caliber, and given then god-like power and immunity of a Federal Officer – i also despair at the complete lack of intelligence that characterizes Security Theater in the US. Instead of gaming various scenarios, we seem to be stuck in an endless loop of fighting the last war


  • Open Parachute

    If you have to fly or feel the impetus to do so, please do not leave home without these! I personally like the one with the wonderfully rendered middle digit!

  • Nurit Greenger

    A society on the defense develops a siege mentality!
    If our government needs to conduct “aggressive measures” to “protect” us on all commercial flights from potential terrorists, then PROFILE those who follow the mentality of wanting to blow us all up. They all belong to a certain group named moslems! The government cannot conceal who the terrorists are by disallowing us to call moslems by who want to blow us up by who they are, namely jihadists and on the other hand tell us they protect us by tapping, touching and patting little white American children from Iowa and white hair American grandmas from Kansas. We need to wise up and do what the Israeli do, hire smart, savvy security people, which the TSA employees are not. They TSA people have a terrible and intimidating approach when dealing with the public and, to me, they appear sloppy, rather lazy, and have nothing in mind but to take home a day’s pay, not vigilantly and astutely seek the terrorist.
    We are at war, act like we are! Until now, the 67,000 employees TSA have not foiled and stopped ONE terrorist!
    The Nazis’ plan was to rid Europe of ALL Jews, they managed to kill SIX millions of them before they were stopped. If there was no Pearl Harbor and the USA did not join the war… who knows what would the outcome be!? The Moslems have a plan to KILL all Americans, all infidels or enslave them and take this God’s country over…the TSA we have today will NOT stop a repeat of 9/11 occurrence, will not stop another moslem jihad attack on American soil!
    In WWII Jews were simply one step behind the Nazis’ final Solution; TSA is like the Jews, at least one step behind the Moslem jihadists…! Wake Up America!

  • Mike

    Good post.

    This dehumanization impacts disproportionately on the elderly.

    Those with joint replacements and medical devices such as colostomy bags are selected for grope therapy.

    The so-called health care bill leads to death (denial of care) sentences for this marginalized group. “When they came for the Jews ……..”

  • john mariner

    everyone is warning the country. bit, no one is picking up any weapons to fight the govt. when they do i will be right beside them.

  • yab’s

    And it’s just a matter of time before we see body cavity searches and the deployment of this equipment to our streets in everyday America! You can believe this is what they are planning to do. Inch by calculated inch and the sheep will go along with it until we really do have a Stazi. But I forgot, it couldn’t possibly happen here….

  • Rob Browning

    Nobody kills more Americans than Americans do. It’s useless to profile by race or religion or nationality, since none of those make you a killer. Remember 09/11/01? Days later in my ‘hood, an Indian-American store clerk was murdered by a white Christian who angry at anyone with brown skin. How many Americans were killed today by terrorists? And how many Americans died today from local murderers, robbers, angry spouses/friends, drunks, police mistakes, etc.
    The enemy of us is us.

  • Desertrat

    Rob, I think you’re missing the point of “anti-terrorism”. Death from local folks is merely part of any society, anywhere. The motives, while bad or even evil, are well-known throughout human history.

    The problem with which we’re attempting to deal (and the methodology is a whole different issue) is that we’re forced to deal with a fringe element of the Islamic religion, whose activists are commonly physically identifiable by profile. Part of the problem is that rather than being a specific target, you are part of a general group, to be killed merely because you are not a member of the Jihadists’ religion. That tends to limit one’s tourism…

  • Dave

    This article is almost as stupid as the TSA’s actions. What do you know about Nazis? What are you, all of 24 years old?
    These kind of over the top and outlandish comparisons to ‘Nazis’ usually erode any credibility your argument might have. The Nazis had very clear murderous intentions and implemented logical (to their minds) and effective plans to accomplish their goals. What we have in the TSA is run of the mill stupidity combined with a PC attitude. They are in fact bending over backwards not to offend the civil rights of minorities who are in fact likely to be the source of the perpetrators they are supposedly looking for. It ‘s just a stupid dance that is ineffective, pointless and expensive. What’s new here?

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  • Aaron

    Thanks Dave!

    Someone needed to say it. I’ve never seen a more grossly overt use of false equivalence in my life. Pretty sad.

    Furthermore, the article is a complete insult to German Jews who were marked and branded and eventually herded off to death camps–the likes of which have no resemblance to lining up at JFK and getting your gonads grabbed as if it were C4.

    The real terror here comes from these sleepwalking nut jobs who are conflicted about what annoys them more; getting groped by the TSA or not getting in line early enough at WalMart on Black Friday to trample their so-called neighbor in an attempt to get 50% off the next piece of landfill garbage. Wake up.

  • Joseph_M

    What makes this all the more absurdist is that the TSA has not, apparently, caught a single terrorist. I’d like to see the TSA provide some kind of intelligence briefing about the actual terrorist “threat” in America. Are there organizations in this country which are trying to bomb or hijack airplanes? Or is the TSA a Kafkaesque riff on the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”?

  • Lee

    I’m not a ‘German Jew’ or any other kind of Jew. I believe in hard work, not in cheating and swindling my way to a fortune! I don’t believe like the Jews do that non-Jews are just cattle to be used for the good of the Jews. So please be more careful in your use of metaphor.

  • 4Yahshua

    Yes, it seems that some of us have come to this conclusion by the facts. Does it make a difference knowing that W’s grandfather (Prescott) made the family fortune by being called “Angel of the Nazis”? The rumor is that we have a 30 year Bush Sr. White House under British Royalty (STILL!) under the Vatican. (Sadly, in that order!) What else do we not know? I do know that there is salvation and eternal life through Yahshua, Yahweh’s Son. HalleluYah! This ancient Hebrew word means “Praise ye Yah”.

  • James O’Donnell

    Dirty Little Secrets – the hidden, awkward origins of World War 2

  • Mark Ald

    You know the solution to all this is very simple.

    Demand they end the war and get out of the middle east entirely.

    Then they will have no justification for any of the things they do to us as the threat of terrorism will disappear. Of course we all know here that the FBI has been fabricating terrorists to create an increased perception of threat.

  • Free Irishman

    Holocaust, what holocaust? The Germans were and still are a fine and proud people and no amount of smearing their name is going to show otherwise. The revisionists have seen to that. The National Socialist movement was a great movement and Adolf Hitler was the greatest man of any century. Only jews wish to slur the name of Germany and the German people because it suits their evil ends so that they can continue to kill and rob the people of planet Earth.

  • Sirius Black

    This post would be terrific if it was accurate. Please read a book and accompanying essay that debunk the account that German Jews were as oppressed and terrorized as modern Americans:

    Weckert’s book can be bought on Amazon or on TBR:


  • Eileen

    First of all, I don’t separate the Jews, in my mind, from what happen to all Germans. Everyone got screwed by the bankers and the Elites. Second, we are, the world, getting screwed now by these same players. While here in America we worry about Social Security/Stock prices etc., and maybe, a few smarter people, worry about bankruptcy hitting 40 states right now, other countries, slave to the world wide usage of the dollar, are seeing their people dying now, slowly from starvation/loss of land/displacement/no medical care.

    I would like to leave the U.S. and move somewhere that is safe, I also like to fight the NWO people, and I would love to be able
    to go out and be an activist, but;
    1. On leaving: where to fly/move to? …..same problem, no matter where you go, the Elites are everywhere
    2. On fighting: Just bad decision all around. I don’t tolerate that kind of behavior…no matter the reason.
    3. On activism: Just plain deceptive to think they will just allow you to start protests. No, anyone who is in activist has to be constantly on alert and aware they and their families are no longer safe here from all the new security agencies (just the way I see it now).

    So what to do at this time in our history? Don’t panic, ….don’t sell everything and move to Brazil (unless
    you like Brazil…just an example), instead, start reading and talking to people. Share what you
    are discovering about the levels of corruption. We need to educate everyone!
    Soon the most important tool out there will be information.
    Yes, information. So start collecting anything relevant. Save to hard disk, floppy, or print out.
    Everything is important,…somewhere.
    And learn new skills to get by. And yes, then be prepared to leave where you live. But, until
    we know what countries will survive or where we will be needed individually, why move and
    then find out you moved way too soon.
    You will never be able to explain it to family or employers, …right now. But maybe in a year.
    So I plan secretly. For now and so should you.
    Finally, If you have no family you need to worry about, and you have the wealth to travel, you can be the eyes and ears of all
    of us that can’t. Good luck!!!
    I would begin with Australia.

  • Dave

    Think of the irony of this article using Jews as an example to describe the horrors of totalitarianism with the fact that our own nascent tyranny is largely the result of militant Jews in Israel.
    Moreover, The Israeli sycophants, dual citizens & bribed servants who have hijacked our congress has radically altered our foreign policy which has brought terorrism to the US, which has created the liberty killing “Homeland Security” (crafted by a dual citizen senator Lieberman), the TSA and much more.
    If you study it long enough, you begin to understand why Germany and about 20 other nations have evicted this tribe from their soil.
    By the way, that previous line that I wrote will be made illegal to write in the near future, thanks to the diligent work of the ADL under Abraham Foxman.
    Anybody else see a trend here?

  • Evan M

    Jews have become the new nazis, using false-flags to promote their agenda. 9/11 and Israel, here:

  • Kate

    Eileen, good information and I hope others read your post also.

  • Cat Callahan

    Jews are the new Nazis who see us as cattle to be used for their financial well-being. Everytime they gain some amount of control over a country, they ruin it! I recently heard a retired FBI agent talk about this! Also, the Republican party keeps promoting the Bush family. Don’t they know that old man Bush(who is mentally deteriorating rapidly) had a father who was nearly prosecuted under the “trading with the enemy act” of WWII? He furnished the Nazis with well-needed funds,etc. All the time pretending to be a great American! These people have an agenda and push it to the hilt at OUR expense! And the Bushes are Jews! Ashkenazis, but Jews. The fact they worship money should be the give-away.

  • H.F. Wolff

    Before any of you can comment on what really happened in Germany during the times of the National Socialist regime I strongly recommend the reading of a number of books. Some of these are available on-line.

    Of course these books are controversial; any criticism of a multi-billion dollar business attracts retribution…as Professor Norman Finkelstein has experienced.

    These books are:

    The Hoax of the 20th Century.
    Did 6 Million Really Die?
    Churchill and Hitler, The Unnecessary War

    With these under your belt you are able to conduct a somewhat informed discussion.

    But then, you really wouldn’t want that, right? Much easier to carry-on with WWII propaganda.

    Ask yourself, how often can you kill 6 million Jews and not affect their total number??? Because 6 million Jewish “victims” were also claimed for WWI, the first world war! You can read about this in the new York Times of 1918 or thereabouts.

    Knowing how governments lie to the taxpayer consistently why would anyone accept what these liars have to say about modern historical occurrences, especially when they profit from these lies?

  • milidude

    I hate to burst your bubble but the nazis are here now and never went away. they are also known as ahskenazi….ashkeNAZI……. THE NAZIS OF GERMANY/WW2 ARE THE FALSE JEWS

  • steve

    America is Continent stuped, NOT a country.
    Legitimate states of North America: Mexico,Lakota Republic and other Nations.
    Colonies: U.S. and Canada

  • Josh

    Skillful use of white racism has destroyed the USA.

  • Jim Giatas

    Please listen to my song – The Right To Life –
    The magnitude of depersonalization with abortion is almost too much to comprehend
    in our silent holocaust…

  • American Patriot

    The Mossad motto is “By Deception, Thou Shalt Make War”. What about the dancing jews on top of the van that said they were there to “document the (9-11) event”. That says that they knew what was going to happen before it did.

  • Bob B

    Fly your flag, buy your weapons and ammunition, practice your shooting skills, and if you live in a state that supresses your right to bear arms, move to a state that encourages it. Instead of whining, prepare.

  • Peter

    9/11 was an inside/outside job, perpetraited by mossad and he traiterous zionist co-religionists in America, who’s allegiance is to Israel. Z.O.G. Zionist Occupied Government is what we have. Wake up America. Peter

  • Commander Z

    Jews did 911 and all world wars and depressions. Those who do not name the enemy, Jews, are complicit in their crimes.

  • John smith

    I couldn’t have made this up myself if I’d tried: the rabbis of the largely Yemenite city of Rosh Ha-Ayin (English), including the chief rabbi, declared a ban on hiring Arabs at stores which employ Jewish girls. I swear to you, it’s true. If you’d told me this story came out of Pakistan or Kandahar I might’ve believed you, but no, it’s from Israel’s Rosh Ha-Ayin.

    Earlier this week, we had Orthodox rabbis ordering Jews not to rent to Arabs. Now, we have rabbis prohibiting hiring of Arabs. Where will it lead and when will it end? Should we have a special Israeli Orthodox Nuremberg-like conclave at which we set down an entire series of halachic rulings governing social interaction with Palestinian Israelis? Shall we call it the Heychal Shlomo* Laws?’

  • squirrel

    I agree with a number of commenters that it is necessary to base one’s opinions and metaphors on facts. All the Nazi comments are a rehashing of Jewish Hollywood wartime atrocity propaganda. Adolf Hitler saw that in order to solve the Jewish problem it had to be done by laws and a political approach. He wanted a solution worthy of a decent man, not pogroms as were common in Poland and Russia. Thus the Jews were urged to leave Germany, and a clear separation of Aryans and Jews was strifed for. Hence, the definition of what constitutes a Jew (this definition is used now in Israel) in the Nuremberg Laws, was provided by a Rabbi Leo Baeck and the Zionists, working with the German government for the emigration of the Jews to Palestine, could fly their flag next to the official German banner. Provisions were made that they learn a trade to contribute in the build-up of their new country. They could take their money (Havara agreement). Not all Jews wanted to go to Palestine and do some actual work, but they were nowhere welcomed, including the United States. No one wanted the Jews. University personnel was gradually forcibly retired with a pension of 80% of the last salary. Not so bad.
    Jews were treated in German courts as every other subject of the law, and only after the outbreak of the war was a number of them interned. World Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 and reiterated this declaration of war repeatedly. So it is no wonder that they were treated as enemy aliens. The US interned the Japanese as potentially dangerous after the outbreak of the war. Sirius Black (Comment 25) cites a book by Weckert which everyone with an opinion on the Kristallnacht should read before thoughtlessly repeating the officially-enforced line on that event. Every so often a Jew in Germany will tell a newspaper what he had done during the war, being totally unmolested. So not all Jews were interned, part -Jews were in the Wehrmacht (e.g. former chancellor Schmidt), Jews married to Germans were left alone (and after an attempt to intern several hundred of them freed again after their wifes staged a public protest in Berlin).
    While it surely was no great time for the Jews in the war, they exaggerate this time now as one of incomparable tragedy. The war wasterrible for everyone in Europe.
    With the help of people like the writer of “We are all German Jews now” Robert Wenzel, the Hollywood and newspaper line on Jews is being spread without regard of reality. Too bad, but I am interested in living in a real world, not one based on made-up stories. In Germany, you can go to prison for years if you ask questions about the Jews and their stories.
    What a story that needs terror to establish itself!
    Lastly: A change of American behavior towards the rest of the world will ease any fears instantly. Other nations expect to be treated respectfully and on an equal footing. Threats, occupation, acts of war cause bad blood. The United States has the most secure borders, being protected by thousands of miles of deep ocean on two sides, it has everything it needs to be self-sufficient, arable land, a low population density, ore and timber, water, space, a great climate, yet it reaches beyond its borders and has military installments all over the globe. Why?

  • zammie

    Well.. not all have to go through the TSA
    It seems the TSA has a trusted traveler program and 84 million give or take a million are exempt!
    Amazingly 84 million Mexicans have been all checked out and son;t have to get Xrayed and groped!
    So “we”are not all German Jews.
    Just some.Some certain ones. I don’t know how they make their recommendations.

  • zammie
  • joe

    Since puberty I used to voraciously devour all availble literature regarding WW II,but only within the past two plus decades have I come to the realization that the three key dogmas of the secular religion of the West, the “Holocaust”,are sheer bunk.More precisely,there was no plan to exterminate the Jews (Hitler wanted to ship them to Madagascar,but the outbreak of the war prevented him from doing so,and sent them to camps),at the most,some 600 thousand Jews perished not 6 million,mostly from disease and/or hunger in the final months of the war (as the result of the logistical routes being cut off due to the Allied advances from east and west which disrupted the food supply and as inmates were transferred from camps with over-crowding ensuing)and there were no gas chambers (only in the past 30 years have the extermination propagandists been forced to admit that there were no “gas chambers” on Reich territory and have since held that they were i n Poland,but the one in Ausdhwitz is a post-war Soviet reconstruction).It is absolutely neccesary to debunk this mythology as the future of mankind rests upon it (in doing so,one is also doing a favour to the Jews who are still trapped in their own mythology)as this is one of the key mechanisms of the Zionist supremacists and their fellow travelers who have through various channels culturally,financially and politically sabotaged the west for decades and brought it to the edge of ruin.

  • X

    Good article, but I disagree with one statement: “…the fact that young men from the Middle East perpetrated the 9/11 attacks”. That is not an established “fact”. It’s debatable.

  • squirrel

    Mr. Wenzel might have also discussed as to why a threat of (if it exists at all) a tiny group to commit attacks should be taken seriously by the American people and lead to a complete alteration of the reality of what once was considered a natural meaning of terms like “Freedom” in the American Constitution, while the repeated declarations of war by Jewish groups against Germany (famous: 24th March 1933: Judea Declared War on Germany”, Daily Express), followed by economic boycott and “Don’t buy German goods” campaigns, organized by Jews, in the US and England should have been shrugged off by Germany as the unimportant ravings of a tiny minority of Jews abroad.

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