While Millions of Americans Brace Themselves for Obamacare, Something Much Worse Is On the Horizon

by Doug Hill, October 21, 2013

As soon as the ribbon was cut on Obamacare, chaos ensued.

Crashes, very long load times and problems logging into the exchanges plagued the first week of the Affordable Care Act.

“We had over 5.7 million hits to our website,” reported Kelsey Caldwell, a spokeswoman for Covered California, the state’s health care exchange. But of the traffic, only 0.58% signed up for insurance coverage.

So much for cheap, affordable health-care for all. Instead we’re left with website crashes, frustration and laughably low signup rates.

And according to one health expert, the crashes are nothing compared to what’s coming next. The man — a health entrepreneur that’s been studying Obamacare ever since it was a twinkle in our President’s eye — has released an incredible controversial prediction.

“Obamacare will soon go up in flames,” he tells us. “And what comes in its place will shock just about everyone — and completely change everything about healthcare here in America.”

“As bad as Obamacare is,” continues this man, “it’s all a setup for something way more devious, and extremely dangerous.”

We recently caught up with this man for a rare interview. What follows is the story that you won’t hear on any mainstream news.

What The Affordable Care Act Means to You

As you’ve no doubt know by now, with Obamacare all uninsured Americans will now be required to purchase health insurance through a government-operated online exchange.

Failure to purchase insurance will result in a tax bill from the Internal Revenue Service. The penalties range from $285 in 2014 up to a high of $2,085 in 2016.

It’s being reported that Obamacare will force as many as 30 million Americans into the system — overwhelming the already struggling health care system.

In addition to rising costs, experts expect a mass exodus of doctors and other healthcare professionals – leaving fewer experienced physicians to care for us when we need it most.

“Over the past decade, the number of independent U.S. physicians has dropped dramatically, from 57 percent of all physicians in 2000 to 39 percent in 2012,” reports Business News Daily. “By the end of 2013, this number is predicted to drop further, to 36 percent.”

The result will be longer wait times for procedures and checkups. Forcing you into a “speed-dating” relationship with your doctor as physicians are required to see as many patients as possible.

These are the problems with Obamacare that everyone knows.

“But that’s not the real crisis,” says the controversial health entrepreneur, Judson Anglin. “As bad as Obamacare is, something much, much worse is on the horizon.
“It’s all a setup, and what’s about to happen will shock almost everyone.”

After years of following and decoding The Affordable Care Act since it was passed in 2010, Anglin now believes that President Obama has lied to us all.

“Obama specifically and purposely designed the act to completely fail,” says Anglin. “It’ll be a failure so large, Obama will claim the only possible bail out will be for the government to take over the entire industry completely.”

Enter a completely socialist medicine system — with huge boosts in premiums, utter chaos with appointments and wait times, and third-world style care.

Anglin’s decided to do something about it.

“The good news is that people still have time to prepare,” says Anglin. “In fact, I’ve found a few ways to completely ‘opt-out” of the entire crisis.”

“I’m confident the combination of these solutions will save people an immense amount of time, money, and frustration, while at the same time helping them to obtain access to world-class healthcare.”

To spread his ideas, Anglin recently teamed up with the Laissez Faire Club — an independent research organization that’s dedicated to showing Americans how to live healthy, independent and wealthy lives all outside of government control.

Already more than 3,500 Americans have read Anglin’s prediction, and decided to take their health care back into their hands.

“We’ve probably receive more mail about this prediction — and Jud’s solutions — than anything else we’ve ever sent out,” says the Laissez Faire Club’s publisher.

“One gentleman told us, ‘I wanted to thank you for such a comprehensive report on how to sidestep the Obamacare mess. There are so many ideas in the report, which I will put to use and tell friends and family about,” the publisher continues.

“Another said ‘what an excellent report with all working links (I clicked and saved them all). Thank you Jud.’”

To field the increased interest, Jud and his publisher have developed a website. Already they’ve seen a massive spike in traffic.

The website — too controversial to mention on even the most conservative of talk shows —  shows you what’s coming with Obamacare, when it’s coming, and how to “opt-out” of this next crisis.

While everyone else has their eyes on Obamacare, you’ll want to make sure you prepare for the whole thing to come crashing down.

“Despite it costing us nearly $100,000 to get the website up and running,” says the publisher, “we’ve set it up in a way for anyone to view it for free.”

“And, unlike the Obamacare exchanges,” he continues, “it won’t crash on you. We promise.”

View Anglin and Laissez Faire Club’s shocking Obamacare website, for free, right here.