Top 5 Ways to Travel Anywhere in the World for FREE

Thousands of Americans — of all ages — have ditched the “American Dream” for a better one.  

These people travel year-round and live where they want.

One Baltimore couple recently booked two round trip flights and 3 nights in Paris for $333.

“We were blown away how easy it was to fly for free. We never expected to travel anywhere for so cheap…certainly not to Paris,” explains Josh, a physical therapist at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.

How did they do it?

I’ll give you a hint…

It wasn’t through a travel agent or years of saved up airline miles…

Instead they let the system work for them.

Like this couple, they fly anywhere in the world for FREE…Sleep for free…even eat for free!

And for the first time ever all in one place, one new (and FREE) guide reveals all their secrets….

#1 How to Fly for FREE (Or Pennies on The Dollar)

This secret alone is good for up to $5,000 in free airfare per year (possibly more), plus free first-class upgrades.

It all comes down to one thing: Using credit cards wisely.

If you don’t use a rewards credit card for every single thing you buy, now’s the time to start.

#2 How to Get Free Accommodation Anywhere in the World

Accommodations is always the biggest money sucker when you travel.

Not anymore…

Thanks to a few tried and true tips anyone could stay anywhere for free…if they know where to look.

Nora Dunn, a freelance travel writer, estimates that she’s saved over $63,500 in accommodation expenses using a few simple tricks.

She’s traveled the world since she quit her job in 2006 and no matter where she lands, she stays for FREE.

How does she do it? Several ways…

One thing she does is house (and pet) sits whenever possible.

On the Caribbean island of Grenada, for example, she spent three months in a beautiful beachfront villa and had full personal use of two cars.

All she had to do was watch the house while the owners were gone. Sound simple…it is!

#3 Get Paid to Cruise

Many cruise ships are looking for men and women to entertain the guests. If you’re a social butterfly, like an adventure, or you’re looking for a lucrative way to see the world, this job is perfect for you.

Your only responsibility is to have fun with the guests.

Average compensation: $1,500 – $2,000 a month plus free room, board and drinks!

#4 FREE Museum Tickets, Backstage Passes, and Special Events

Ever wish you could get backstage and mingle with the stars?

Tired of paying for tickets to museums?

Or how about access to the next big Hollywood blockbuster premier…for free?

The first step is easy…become a member of gofobo.

Membership is 100% free, and it’s easy to sign up.

Once you’re a member you’ll get private invites to the latest Hollywood premiers.

You’ll soon realize that gaining access to almost any venue for free is incredibly simple.

#5 Deduct Your Next Vacation

There are several ways you can turn your family vacation into a partial tax deduction if the travel expenses are necessary for your job, personal business, or even if you’re looking for a new job while traveling.

To deduct the cost of your vacation, the trip must be within the U.S. and primarily (over 50%) for business. If going abroad it must be 75% business to deduct the cost of more than one week’s travel.

The beauty of this trick is that bringing your family along for the business trip won’t disqualify you from writing off anything that you wouldn’t normally be able to deduct.

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