The Truth About “Canadian Social Security”

By Scott Bardelli, Agora Financial

We recently released the results of a six-month investigation into a growing trend here in America…
In short, a savvy group of Americans have figured out a way to legally piggyback “Canadian Social Security.”
And these folks are now collecting monthly “benefit” checks from $400 to $4,700 as a result.
For example, Sara Yaeger — a secretary from Texas — is now collecting $2,900 per month in “benefits”…
And Carol Alderman, a widow with two children, averages more than $1,200 in “benefits.”
[Editor’s note: you can read more incredible stories here.]So what is “Canadian Social Security”? It’s an “old-age benefit program” just like we have here in the states… only (as the investigation points out) it’s far superior. For example… while the U.S. Social Security program is set to be bankrupt by 2032… Funding for the Canadian version is set to QUADRUPLE by the year 2040. (Just look at the chart below.)
Description But here’s the kicker… What we discovered is that you don’t need to live, work or even visit Canada to begin receiving “benefits” by piggybacking the program. And you can collect thousands of additional retirement income without affecting your regular U.S. Social Security benefits!
[Editor’s note: You can read the full investigation… and see if you qualify to begin receiving “benefits” by clicking here.]