The Baltimore Riot Pictures You Haven’t Seen -- CIA Insider Reveals What’s Behind the Destruction and What’s Next

Peter Coyne, Reporting from Baltimore, MD

As a Baltimore resident, I’ve spent the last few days figuring out exactly what went wrong in Baltimore — and how we could have allowed this to happen.

It’s important you see what’s happening here in Baltimore, and understand the single event that makes it why very likely your city will be next. In fact, according to one CIA insider, the violence we’re seeing on my home streets is the beginning of something much bigger.

Already, we’re seeing new, restrictive rules here, like a curfew. And army boots on the street corners:



But race, cops and gangs aren’t to blame for Baltimore’s destruction. Not solely.

CIA insider, Jim Rickards, has been monitoring the situation explains the real trigger — and why your city could be next.

The reason the riots here in Baltimore have been so intense is that many of our communities have been left to rot. Physically, the buildings are falling down. Economically, the people are struggling. And Baltimore isn’t alone.

Since the 2008 crisis, millions of Americans are barely getting by, let alone getting ahead.

That’s why Jim Rickards is distributing free copies of his latest book to any U.S. citizen with a valid mailing address. It’s the most important book for everyday Americans.

Because like Baltimore, cities across America are powder kegs waiting to explode into riots and worse — they’re just waiting for the trigger.


But our CIA contact, Jim Rickards, says the Baltimore PD and National Guard aren’t prepared for the next wave of destruction. What he calls The Big Drop.

Which is why he’s gone out of his way to send every American his new blueprint for protecting themselves, for free. I have complete peace of mind after reading it.

Already, President Obama has declared a state of national emergency. He now has the power to nationalize entire industries and much more. According to Jim Rickards:

“You might see the president using executive orders to implement neofascist policies. Look at your local police force. When I was kid, cops would walk the beat and get kittens out of trees.

Today, they’re wearing body armor, helmets, night vision goggles, flash bang grenades, battering rams, and automatic weapons. They drive around in armored personnel carriers. They’re using drones, surveillance, etc.

We have a heavily militarized police force in every county and town in America. Under government direction, that militarization could be used to keep social order. These are the kinds of scenarios you’re looking at if the system collapses.”

It’s urgent you prepare now. Rickards has reserved your free copy of his survival blueprint for you.


Peter Coyne
Concerned Baltimore Resident

P.S. There are limited copies of Jim Rickards’ survival blueprint. I never thought that I’d see Baltimore up in flames — until it happened. Now, I’m convinced these riots are coming to cities across America. It’s imperative you prepare right away.