By Chris Campbell

Last March, I was handcuffed and locked in the trunk of a 2014 Volvo.

Let me rephrase that…

Last March, I was being trained on how to spy, escape, and evade predators by America’s top survival trainer — Jason Hanson. And he handcuffed me and stuck me in the trunk of a 2014 Volvo.  

If you’re anything like me, you believe that, ultimately, you can’t depend upon the police, the government, or anyone else to save you from dangerous situations.

Before I show you what it is, there’s a reason I’m telling you this today…

Late last night, I heard a man getting mugged right outside my window. I could hear his screams and knew exactly what was happening as soon as I heard him. I was shocked. But it just goes to show… violence can happen anywhere.  

By the time I was dressed and got outside, the attackers were long gone. But according to the man and several bystanders, seven skinny young men came out of an alleyway and beat him senseless.

That’s why, as part of a mission to become a self-reliant human being — and help others do the same — I’ve taken the year to learn self-defense and the best survival tactics known to civilians.

Today, with Jason’s permission I’m going to show you the most important thing I learned from Jason Hanson’s private training… and, at the end, I’ll tell you how I got out of the trunk safely in seven seconds… on my first try.

Let’s begin…

The Color Code of Awareness

Pay attention.

The Color Code of Awareness is the first — and most important — thing that soldiers, CIA agents, and law-enforcement personnel are taught.


“Many victims will tell you,” Jason Hanson writes in his brand new book, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, “they had no idea they were about to be attacked. The truth is, there are clear-cut signs most criminals exhibit before attacking someone.”


The Color Code of Awareness refers to your normal state of mind while you’re out in public, how quick you are on your feet, and how willing you are to take action when a threat arises.

Don’t mistake this technique’s simplicity for lack of substance. It’s all a matter of training your mind to be aware of what condition you are in at any given moment.

  • Condition White refers to the zombies out on the street who are completely oblivious of their surroundings. They normally have headphones in, their eyes glued to their smartphone screens, and are the types who walk right into fountains or strangers. They are the first targets for predators.


  • Condition Yellow are those people who are relaxed, but comfortably aware that threats could arise at anytime. When you are in condition yellow, you walk down the street with your head up, your ears open, and you’re looking around. Your gaze is softened. Your peripherals, widened.


  • Condition Orange is whenyou are made aware of a potential threat. It doesn’t mean that there is a threat, just that there could be. You are wide awake and at the ready. The real difference between orange and yellow is that your focus is on one specific thing — such as a sketchy man walking straight towards you with his hand in his coat.


  • Condition Red is when you are ready to act. The knife is out. The gun is pointed at your wife’s face. Your adrenaline is flooding your brain. What you do in the twenty seconds to follow could set the course for living out the rest of your life — or having it end immediately.


Ok. So, I promised I would reveal to you how I escaped from the handcuffs and the trunk in less than seven seconds.

There are many tools you can use, but here’s what I chose…


Learn how I did it at this free website — and claim your discreet package from Jason Hanson today:

It could save your life.