SCANDAL OF 2015: You’ll Never Believe What Certain Big Business Insiders Get for FREE

This could become the front-page scandal of 2015. All the details haven’t been released yet, but what our investigation has already uncovered will shock you.  

“Many Big Business insiders are using little-known “loopholes” to hack the system,” says Doug Hill, the director of an independent research group called the Laissez Faire Club.

Even though they have swathes of money, these insiders are getting what they want and need for free. They’re not spending a dime of their own.

What types of free stuff?

“It’s crazy,” continues Mr. Hill. “And I’d bet not one in 100 Americans knows about this stuff.” According to the Laissez Faire Club, they’ve uncovered how to get everything from free gold to free flights to free golf to free hotels to free cruises around the world on yachts.

“In total, we’ve found over 100 different examples of getting some of the best things life has to offer for free,” says Mr. Hill. “Over 50 researchers came together for the massive investigation.”

At first, the Laissez Faire Club was simply going to expose this scandal. But then they learned something incredible. Even though 99% of the American public are in the dark, most of these loopholes are open to the public.

“That’s the exciting part,” says Mr. Hill. “It means anyone — and I mean anyone — can access these loopholes.”

To prove it, Mr. Hill’s organization started to teach average Joes how to take advantage of these little-known hacks. And today, they’re going public with their findings.

In a controversial new online presentation, they show you:

  • How to sleep like royalty wherever you go — and live rent-free in villas and penthouses around the globe. Only the most experienced travelers know of this simple technique — and they’re fighting tooth and nail to keep it from other tourists. See how it can help you save as much as $63,000  in accommodations in the coming years
  • How to get free art, antiques, jewelry, and more! As soon as you sign up at one unusual website, you’ll be able to claim free art, antiques, jewelry, and much more. And often with free shipping!
  • Fly anywhere in the world for less than a tank of gas. Did you know that you can rack up hundreds of thousands of flier miles WITHOUT stepping on a plane? Here are all the ideas and tricks airlines don’t want you to know about
  • “Beyond the velvet rope” secrets of an A-lister. Get backstage passes to your favorite concerts, events, and even symphonies — without even having to ask for free tickets. I’ve seen high school kids pull this off… so why can’t you? Once you realize just how simple and airtight this strategy is, you’re going to wonder why everyone isn’t doing it.

“These are secrets you won’t find anywhere else,” says Mr. Hill. “Only the deepest insiders know all about them — and how to use them.”