Obama Prepares Retirement Takeover, Financial Journalist Shows Americans How To “Opt-Out

After seizing control of the nation’s healthcare system, the President has a new target in his sights — your retirement. Quietly buried in President Obama’s new budget is a proposal to limit the amount that Americans can contribute to their 401 (k)s.

“Suffering through the dot com crisis of the early 2000s and the real estate bust of 2008, it’s painfully obvious the retirement dreams of many Americans are already in trouble,” reports Jonas Elmerraji, a financial journalist for Agora Financial. “We definitely don’t want the President to put the boots to our throats now.”

The New York Times confirms Elmerraji’s findings. In an article published early this year, the Times cites a study that shows nearly half of all Americans do not have enough money set aside to meet their basic retirement needs.

“Wasn’t the President’s takeover of the healthcare industry enough?” Elmerraji asks. “After telling you what doctor you can and can’t see, we don’t need Obama to step in with a blow torch and light what’s left of everyone’s retirement freedoms on fire, too.”

With more than 60 million Americans invested in 401 (k)s and similar retirement plans, the effects of Obama’s proposal could be devastating. Already, the backlash has begun.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “Now He’s After Your 401(k.).”

The New York Post recently reported “The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association trade group said it was ‘concerned’ about the Obama retirement saving limits.”

With the stock market bumping against all time new highs, Obama’s new retirement regulations, if passed, would hit like an A-bomb on unsuspecting retirees. Many would scramble to find some type of shelter. But if they wait to act, it could provide too late.

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news for those Americans who are at or approaching retirement age. Even for those who’ve not saved enough for retirement, or those who’ve saved too little, there’s hope.

As the editor of one of the world’s largest independent financial research services, Jonas Elmerraji has developed a unique blueprint for “opting-out” of the traditional retirement system.

According to the data, he’s started a small underground movement — already showing more than 84,000 Americans a how to live a wealthy, independent retirement.

“When Jonas first showed me his retirement blueprint video,” says his Publisher at Agora Financial, “I was shocked.”

“For the first time, I saw how anyone — no matter if they’re a pro or a notice, and no matter if they have a small $200 or a massive $20 million saved — can quickly and easily build a substantial nest egg, all outside of Obama’s current control.”

There a few very interesting parts of Mr. Elmerraji’s video presentation.

Because he recommends using this retirement blueprint outside of traditional vehicles like 401 (k)s, it could be exempt from whatever proposals or caps Obama has in store for the retirement industry.

“One thing that I think people like about the $200 Retirement Blueprint I’ve shown them is that the President may not be able to touch it,” says Mr. Elmerraji. “That’s why I tell everyone Obama’s probably terrified of the video.”

Another interesting part of the video is how different it is to just about every mainstream financial way to retire wealthy. For example, Elmerraji doesn’t recommend big blue chip companies that cost thousands to get into. Instead he recommends plays that cost as little as a few dollars, but still have the ability to double or triple in value.

The brings us to the most shocking part of the whole plan; It costs very little to get started. Mr. Elmerraji’s video claims you can start with as little as $200 and could grow radically wealthy, all through his secret retirement blueprint.

No doubt a welcomed thought for those Americans who still have high hopes of enjoying a retirement filled with financial freedom, but are starting with little to no money.

But does the “$200 Retirement Blueprint” actually work? The evidence may shock you.

A look inside Mr. Elmerraji’s model portfolio — a list of stocks that make up his blueprint — shows a total of 13 open recommendations, up an average of 46%. That more than quadruples the performance of the broad based stock market since the start of the year. 70% of the open recommendations are up double digits.

“Best of all,” continues Mr. Elmerraji, “the average play costs just over $13 to get into, meaning that anyone — no matter their age, income level, or retirement savings — can ‘opt-out’ of Obama’s plans and take back control of their own financial freedom.”

His publisher tells us that the video has been a smashing success, already viewed by more than 15,000,000 people.

“We believe you simply cannot afford to let the government (and Obama) control your retirement,” says his publisher, “you must take back control of your retirement… and you must do it now, before sweeping regulations take place and it’s too late.”

He continues, “That’s why we’re doing everything we can to spread the word about Jonas’ retirement blueprint. If you’re concerned about your future… watching this free video is a no-brainer. It may just change everything for you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started, or already living the life. It works. Watch the video See the proof. ”