Nancy’s Desperate Fight to Cure Alzheimer’s Disease Over?


Most people know Nancy Reagan for her time as first lady, tireless work as a humanitarian, and her famous just say no to drugs program of the 1980s.

But what most people don’t know is that ever since Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 1994, she’s been obsessed with finding a cure.

As the New York Times reported, she’s doing everything she can including “…campaigning — through friends, advisers, lawmakers and her own well-placed calls and letters”

That’s why the discovery made just 100 miles from Nancy’s home in Santa Barbara was so shocking.

In a stunning revelation doctors have stumbled on a 90-day Alzheimer’s protocol that could have changed her husband’s life.

In clinical trials, this protocol has taken people from complete incontinence and delusion to quietly living at home with family.



Like the 84 year old woman that went from complete delusion and irritability while burdening staffers in her nursing home to living totally peaceful, sane and serene with her family!

Or the 83 year old woman that went from not recognizing her family and friends to laughing, joking and returning to many of her old passions…

In fact, entire Far East villages have used this protocol to render Alzheimer’s disease almost completely non-existent.

Experts are wildly optimistic about this discovery.

The Editor-and-Chief of Live in the Now newsletter called it a “…brain health miracle” and world famous physician Dr. Mark Smith calls it “miraculous!”

If scientists are right, we could be looking at a new era in the treatment of Alzheimer’s treatment.

Yet in a shocking twist, some doctors believe the big pharmaceutical companies will lobby the FDA to get this banned.

That’s because this protocol has nothing to do with expensive prescription drugs.

Instead, this 90-day protocol is cheap. Easily accessible to anyone. And ready for Americans to use starting right now.


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