The Best Investment To Hold During Times of Crisis

Welcome to Day 3 of the Dollar-Collapse Preparation Summit.

Today, Jim Rickards shares his #1 actionable step you can take to insulate yourself from the effects of a financial collapse — owning gold.

In this exclusive interview, Jim lays out exactly why holding gold is a time-tested way to safeguard your wealth in the midst of a crisis.

Not only that, you’ll also discover…

  • The government’s biggest fear… and why their fear could be your biggest opportunity…
  • The single biggest mistake most people make when storing their gold (tip: make this mistake and you risk losing all your gold)
  • The best type of gold to buy (it’s not gold bars… collectable gold coins… or anything “digital” like stocks.)

If you don’t take this first step, you risk losing everything when the dollar collapse comes. Watch the third installment in the Dollar-Collapse Preparation Summit to learn all of the details and stay tuned to tomorrow’s installment to learn Jim’s “barbell strategy” for profiting during a financial collapse.

Now that you’ve learned how you can insulate yourself from the effects of a financial collapse, Jim will show you how to use his special strategy to profit during a financial collapse. Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s email revealing Jim’s shocking recommendation.