The Impact a Collapse Will Have on Everyday Investors...

Welcome to Day 2 of the Dollar-Collapse Preparation Summit.

In today’s presentation, Jim Rickards begins by outlining the four scenarios he sees that could bring about the financial collapse — and explains each point in greater detail.

You’ll also discover:

  • The “razor’s edge” that Jim says we’re on, and what could tip us over into crisis…
  • How one man turned crisis into opportunity, becoming one of his country’s wealthiest citizens while inflation destroyed his fellow men
  • Why Jim’s not panicking in the face of this coming crisis, and how to sleep soundly at night no matter what happens to the American economy…
  • And much, much more.

But perhaps the most startling thing you’ll learn is just how vulnerable the U.S. really is to an external financial attack.

In tomorrow’s installment of the Dollar-Collapse Preparation Summit, Jim will reveal the best investment to hold during times of crisis. Don’t miss the #1 actionable step you can take to insulate yourself from the effects of a financial collapse.