Why the International Monetary System Is Ready to Collapse...

In the first video of the Dollar-Collapse Preparation Summit, Jim explains exactly what he means by the term “collapse,” why the potential for a dollar collapse is so great and how you can begin to prepare yourself for the new system that emerges from the ashes.

In addition, he addresses some crucial questions concerning the current state of the U.S. economy — including where we really are in the current business cycle, the truth about U.S. economic growth and how you can achieve consistent, sustainable growth in the U.S.

These are questions most people are getting completely wrong. So Jim has decided to set the record straight and give you all the facts in this first installment of the seven part Dollar-Collapse Preparation Summit.

Be sure to watch your inbox tomorrow for the second installment of the Dollar-Collapse Preparation Summit where Jim explains the four scenarios he sees that could bring about the financial collapse.