Conservative Talk Show Host Takes on the IRS...

Conservative Talk Show Host Takes on the IRS; Leaks Strategy That Shows Americans How to Generate $1,000s in Tax-Free Income

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Below, Neil George’s full interview, titled Conservatives Love Him, the IRS Hates Him, can be seen 100% free. In it, you’ll see how to generate legal, safe, completely tax-free income.]

It’s official. And independently confirmed.

According to a recent report by the IRS inspector general, the IRS targeted 100% of the groups with “tea party”-like phrases in their organizational names.

This beating is piled on top of the continued rising taxes enacted under the Obama administration. And with Obamacare looming, tax rates can only go up from here.

That’s why one former conservative talk show host has declared war on the IRS. Now he’s vowed to share his tax-free income secrets with his fellow patriots.

“I’ve simply had enough,” says this ex-talk show host and income strategist. “It’s obvious that our political class, and their attack dogs in the IRS, don’t give two licks about you.”

Now it’s time for revenge.

Already, this man’s set his sights on reducing his tax liability to the smallest legal footprint possible. And with tax targeting of conservatives, he now says that you have a responsibility to do the same.

We recently sat down for an exclusive interview with the man who’s declaring war on the IRS.

His story, and his strategy, shocked even us.

“It’s already completely outrageous to take more than 40% of our income,” the former bond trader and financial radio host told us, “but IRS officials completely crossed the line when they decided to target conservative groups.

“So, what I’ve found now is the best way to get revenge on the IRS, while also getting rich.”

He claims he can take anyone — no matter if they’re rich, poor or middle-class — and show them how to generate up to three passive tax-free income checks per month… for up to 36 additional paychecks a year.

And the best part?

“The income can quickly add up to thousands… even tens of thousands… per year, and you never have to turn a single red cent over to the IRS,” he tells us.

The man’s name is Neil George. And he’s no quack.

After a life in finance, he retired rich at the young age of just 36.

Before retiring, he was a finance professor, a bond trader and a fund manager — including a stint as the head of a $1 billion fund that specialized in fixed income.

“During my career, I found a tax secret that I’d bet 99% of Americans — both conservative and liberal alike — don’t know about,” says Neil.

Before you start guessing, Neil’s “36 tax-free income checks per year” strategy has nothing to do with stocks, corporate bonds or options.

It doesn’t have anything to do with blue chip dividend payers, either.

During his interview with The Daily Reckoning, Neil showed us how to set one of these income streams up in mere minutes.

The result?

Income — all tax-free — that piles up as much as three times faster than stocks.

“It’s simple, effective, profitable… and because of the twist I’ve found, it helps the little guy stick it to the IRS!” says Neil.

For many Americans, this tax-free income couldn’t come at a better time. Top tax rates will hit nearly 40% in 2013.

If that’s you, then you’re giving away nearly 21 hard-fought weekly paychecks to the IRS.

With taxes sky-high, and the IRS targeting conservatives, Neil recently came out of retirement to share this secret with whomever’s willing to listen.

“It started off as a grass-roots campaign,” Neil tells The Daily Reckoning.

“I first showed a few of my friends and family how to use this tax-free strategy, and they all loved the income it put in their bank account.”

“Even more,” continues Neil, “my friends loved that they didn’t have to report a single penny of this income to the IRS.”

But what started off as Neil’s grass-roots campaign has recently caught fire.

Neil’s work attracted the attention of Agora Financial — one of the nation’s largest independent financial research publishers.

Known for their correct calls on everything from the fall of the Soviet Union to the rise in gold to the housing bubble, Neil knew he could spread his tax-free income idea even faster with a big publisher like Agora Financial.

“We’ve received quite a lot of feedback about Neil’s strategy already,” says his publisher.

“I bet our wealthy readers love it, because it’s saving them a bunch in taxes,” continues Neil’s publisher.

“And our readers who are trying to catch up for retirement probably love it too, because it’s helping them pile up wealth at a pace that trounces stocks… corporate bonds… CDs… savings accounts… you name it.”

If you think there’s something shady or illegal about this tax-free income strategy, you’re dead wrong. Neil even showed us a Supreme Court ruling from 2008 that makes this all legal and possible.

After partnering with Agora Financial to help spread the strategy, already more than 3,000 hardworking people have taken Neil up on his offer to learn more about this unique tax-free plan.

“It’s really the hottest thing our readers want right now,” Neil’s publisher tells us. “We’ve sent out thousands upon thousands of our special report that shows you how to put this plan in place.”

Neil says, “It gives you everything a conservative would want right now — a way to ‘strike back’ at the IRS, and a way to get rich in the process.”

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Below, Neil George’s full interview, titled Conservatives Love Him, the IRS Hates Him, can be seen 100% free. In it, you’ll see how to generate legal, safe, completely tax-free income.]