CIA Insider's Latest Book Details Steps He Took to Protect His Family and His Wealth From Coming Collapse...

jimHi, Jim Rickards here.

You may have heard my name on the nightly news from the work I’ve done to help the American government and the CIA prepare for currency wars.

Or maybe you know me from my career on Wall Street, where I was the lead lawyer that helped the Federal Reserve structure a bailout of Long Term Capital Management that literally saved the entire world economy from complete collapse back in the late ’90s.

It’s my unique past that leads me to a devastating conclusion today…

In short, I’ve just begun preparations to shelter my wealth — and my family — for a coming big drop in the markets.

I’ve also put together a brand-new book on the subject — it’s called The Big Drop. Inside, it warns of a few critical dangers that every American should begin preparing for right now… and it shows you moves I’m personally making to prepare.

Here’s the catch — this book is not available for sale. Not anywhere in the world. Not online through Amazon. And not in any brick-and-mortar bookstore.

Instead, I’m on a nationwide campaign to spread the book far and wide… for FREE. Because every American deserves to know the truth about the imminent dangers facing their wealth.

I’ve gone ahead and reserved a free copy of my new book in your name. It’s on hold, waiting for your response. I just need your permission (and a valid U.S. postal address) to drop it in the mail.

If you accept the terms, the book will arrive at your doorstep in just a week or two.

Thanks for reading this short but critical message today…

Jim Rickards