7 Lock-Picking Secrets That Will SHOCK You

By Chris Campbell


Be honest…

You’ve always wanted to know how to pick a lock, haven’t you?

Heck… Who hasn’t?

Not only is it one of those cool spy tricks you see in movies all the time… it’s also something that can be invaluable to know.

Whether you’re locked out of your house, you lost the keys to your garage or you just want to impress someone… Lock-picking is an incredibly useful skill to have.

So here are 7 staggering facts about lock-picking you NEVER knew — a few of them may even help you pick your first lock:

1. Paper clips: Most locks are based on a simple pick mechanism that a skilled and patient practitioner can replicate even with a paper clip

2. Kits are tiny: Experienced lock-pickers use a wide array of tools and most are small enough that a basic kit could fit into your pocket.

3. Cheap locks: It’s so simple to pick those cheap locks from big-box stores because they are produced en mass and have low standards.

4. Hair clips: Many locks can be picked with a hairclip but it requires dexterity and know-how.

5. Flawed installs are common: High-security bolt locks that come with keys impossible to copy. However, if a dead bolt lock is not installed correctly – and they are often aren’t – a skilled locker-picker doesn’t need a key to penetrate.

6. Learning the craft: To learn the trade of lock-picking, one can take courses, be trained on the job, go to prison or read this book.

7. Scammers aplenty: Many locksmiths in the phone book or online are scammers. They will insist you have a special lock they cannot pick so they have to drill it open. Then they will charge you $150 for a replacement lock you can buy at your local hardware store for $35.

But the list doesn’t stop there…

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