Your $25 Retirement Plan


Every year, it seems like the “American dream” is slipping further and further away.

Retirement is beginning to be a pipe dream — a result of low wages, increasing life expectancy, and a (soon to be) shriveled-up Social Security system. To make matters worse, millennials, who will likely live longer than any of their predecessors, are drowning in student debt.

Don’t believe me? Back in 2003, student loans amounted to less than $300 billion. Today, student loan debt has grown to over $1.2 trillion. That’s up 300% since 2003 — and is greater than the credit card debt of the entire country.

This, coupled with the fact that entry-level positions are paying next to nothing, means that millennials will have less time to save for a retirement that, when they reach it, probably won’t be padded by the government.

The fact is traditional methods of investing are not going to deliver you the returns you want, nor will they help fund your hopefully very long life.

In light of all of this, it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to retirement.

That’s why I was so excited when I first heard about what I like to call the “$25 Retirement Plan.”

The track record is killer. And it can deliver monthly deposits into your bank account.

You see, in a world where you can’t trust the banks and the stock market fails to deliver, people start to think outside the box.

They search for ways to take their retirement back into their own hands, without the involvement of Wall Street or financial advisors who are taking a little too much off the top.

  • Average 6–10% returns
  • 99.9% security if you follow one simple rule
  • Very high interest possible… as high as 28%
  • There’s been a very good track record over the last decade
  • You can get checks monthly, which makes this a great retirement income stream.