The Road to 2024

The Road To RuinWho runs the world?

We want to send you a special edition of Jim Rickards’ brand-new book, The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis, for free so you have the answer. (Click here for the details on how to claim yours.)

We’re doing this for a limited time in honor of the “launch party” we’re hosting as Jim’s book is released across the nation tomorrow.

This book is even more essential now that Donald Trump has bucked the elites by winning the White House. Without spoiling it, the “empire” is about to strike back at him. You need to understand how, now…

The Road to Ruin shows you what these “elites” have in store for you during the next financial crisis — which could be here any day now. In the free copy of Jim’s book we’ll send you, you will find the policymakers’ blueprint.

“Elites come and go,” Jim explains. “So who runs the world? A shared vision does… and it’s not pretty.”

The Road to Ruin clearly distinguishes elite conspiracy from elite complicity. There is no secret society pulling the strings behind the scenes. No X-Files-style plot exists to enslave the world.

This is the fine line — between truth and fiction — that Jim carefully walks in the pages of his book. “Truth is stranger than fiction,” wrote Mark Twain, “but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn’t.”

Casual readers might see no difference between what Jim writes and what a fringe conspiracy theorist blogger publishes. But anyone who has carefully reviewed Jim’s credentials, arguments and footnotes will see that he is a seasoned analyst, writing soberly.

I remember one of the first conversations I had with Jim after we partnered to launch our global macro research division at Agora Financial. It was the fall of 2014. We were discussing what the first analysis in our flagship publication, Strategic Intelligence, should be.

“We should show subscribers the trajectory that U.S. markets and the government are on…” I remember suggesting to Jim. “Paint a picture of what the world looks like one decade from today.”

Three days later, at a wedding reception, I received an email with the draft attached.

Some background: As a publisher, I’m used to seeing a lot of different analysts’ forecasts and writing. Usually, they’re bland, boring, rehashed material. What we’re always looking for instead is something bold, new and substantiated, so our readers can make informed decisions.

Well, I nearly choked on my wine when I read the first lines of “In the Year 2024,” the article Jim turned in.

Some of the dystopian highlights:

  • A “New World Order Growth Plan” to stimulate the global economy…
  • Arm implants that can interact with your brain and electronics…
  • Blacklisted historical information unavailable to citizens…
  • The abolition of cash — and many currencies — and the rise of regional reserve currencies…
  • Shuttered stock markets…
  • “The World Central Bank” — formerly known as the International Monetary Fund
  • Gold confiscation… hyperinflation… and a “temporary” moratorium on all debts…
  • Digital social units distributed by the government called “Social Shares” and “Social Donations”
  • Government sensors and back doors on all autonomous vehicles…

The entire article’s below, so you can see the rest for yourself. But I remember reading it and playfully thinking, Guess we’ll be giving out tinfoil hats at the office Christmas party this year…

The writing was great, and it was engaging and terrifying, but despite the bold forecasts Agora Financial publishes, we don’t want to throw our readers “red meat” for the sake of it.

I composed an email:

This is great (and frightening), Jim. But how much of it do you think will happen — and how much of it is fiction writing?

Jim responded:

I believe 100% of it is possible. It’s a fictional dystopia — but in the spirit of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or George Orwell’s 1984. It is not a firm forecast or prediction in the usual analytic sense. Instead, it’s intended to provide warning, and encourage readers to be alert to dangerous trends in society, some of which are already in place. I can show you backup that all of the trends discussed are already in motion.

We published it, and the feedback rolled in. Jim was writing above many people’s level. One commentator asked, “Has the normally sober and thoughtful Mr. Rickards lost his marbles?”

It was at that point — once I had been convinced of Jim’s arguments by his evidence and reasoning, yet saw others less familiar with him balk at his writing — that I came to a conclusion:

There are well-researched and correct ideas…

And then there are well-researched and correct ideas whose time has come.

If people aren’t ready to hear an idea — no matter if it’s legitimate or urgent — then it won’t matter. People will reject it… miscategorize it… or mock a caricature of it.

Most of our Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence newsletter subscribers — a small subset of the general population — were ready to hear Jim’s research about the financial elites’ policy agenda in 2014. But the public wasn’t…

If The Road to Ruin had been published two years ago, I believe it would’ve fallen on deaf ears or been dismissed out of hand. But a lot has changed in that time. Heck, Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States!

Special drawing rights are being talked about more often in major news outlets. Institutions like the International Monetary Fund, the G-20, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the OECD and others are being watched and reported on like never before.

World money, world taxation, world government, ruling power elites, a total lockdown of the global financial system… these concepts aren’t widely acknowledged in the mainstream. Yet the trend lines toward those destinations are far clearer now than in 2014.

And they’ll be even clearer two years hence. Until, like a frog in boiling water, we realize that we’re in dire straits at the precise moment when we no longer have any recourse.

At that point, I suspect people will point back to The Road to Ruin and realize it was all laid out for them. The plot is thick, to be sure. That’s why it pays to have Jim in your corner.

The particular edition we’ll send you for free when we hear from you is a special printing for paying Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence subscribers only. You’ll find the book in Barnes & Noble, but not our version. Jim and his senior analyst added special content in a bonus chapter at the end for our subscribers.

The story doesn’t end at the back cover, though. Those who claim their free book will also have access to Jim’s monthly newsletter issues… his monthly webinar briefings… his answers to frequently asked questions… his investment recommendations and much more.

I’d like you to have this book and to read it carefully. Share it with your friends and family. This book and Strategic Intelligence will outline the global elites’ script for years to come. You’ll just cover the shipping right now — which, at $4.95, is a small fee for peace of mind and true understanding.

The offer stands here for the short while that we’re extending it. Then it’ll be gone.

Once you’ve claimed yours, read on. We’ve republished Jim’s frightening look ahead to the year 2024 that made me spit my wine at our partnership’s outset. It’s now two years closer than when Jim originally wrote about it.

Your friend,

Peter Coyne
Publisher, The Daily Reckoning

Editor’s note: In his new book, The Road to Ruin, Jim exposes the global elites’ plans. And even more importantly, he shows you how to guard your wealth as their plan unfolds.

Here’s a hint of what you’ll find inside:

➤The U.S. government’s “ice-nine” plan to steal your wealth and prevent you from getting your cash. If you have a dollar to your name, you need to read Page 22

➤The secret program for controlling citizens used by elites and leaders from Caesar and Napoleon to Rockefeller and Roosevelt… through both Bushes and Obama. If you think this is some conspiracy theory, you better see Page 58

➤The exact date by which the elites will finally reach their goal of world money under their control. You MUST take immediate and specific action before that. Hurry to Page 186

➤The institution that will decide what the dollar is worth in the near future. (Hint: It is NOT the Federal Reserve, Congress, the U.S. Treasury or the IMF.) Page 70

➤The climate change “Trojan horse” the elites are using to mask a troubling plan for you and the world’s taxpayers. Page 88.

That’s just the beginning. There’s more. Lots more.

Click here now to claim your free copy. This might be Jim’s most important work to date.

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