Ron Paul Explains how the US Gov't has Stolen Your Identity

In his latest weekly column, Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX) explains that the Federal Reserve and other government institutions racking up debt for bailouts and other boondoggles are operating just like identity thieves.

Without permission they’ve rung up the national credit card on expenditures about which the people have had little say. We’ve simply been told it’s in the best interest of the state.

From Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk:

“If someone incurred debts against you as an individual, without your knowledge or consent, you would call it identity theft.   You would call your bank for a full accounting of the debts incurred in your name, and after some verification, those debts would be declared invalid and you would not be held responsible for them.  Furthermore, if the culprit was found, they would be prosecuted and sent to jail.

“Not so with governments and central banks.  Governments that are supposed to be of the people and for the people routinely incur debts against the people. Some governments even borrow money to oppress their citizens, and then expect them to pay for their own oppression with interest. With a fiat monetary system, the sky is the limit for how much debt a government can place on the backs of the people.

“We have reached the point in the United States where the debt our government has accumulated against us is mathematically impossible to pay off. Harder times, likely due to a wave of hyperinflation, will eventually find its way to our streets and I am fearful of how Americans will react.” 

Dr. Paul believes that the Federal Reserve is to blame for the betrayal. Its excessive power and secrecy have allowed these to problems emerge. You can read more details in Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk column on the government as identity thieves.


Rocky Vega,
The Daily Reckoning

The Daily Reckoning