Replaced by the "United State"

We’re in a major bear market. The bad news is that lots of nasty things will happen to take the market lower, toward an ultimate bottom. The good news is that eventually a real bottom will be reached, and it will be possible to buy great companies unbelievably cheaply. However, there’s more bad news, namely that the bottom is likely quite a while down the road…

In the meantime, the busybodies, losers, and goons who populate the “Swindlers Encouragement Commission” will have a field day. Their counterproductive rules serve only to enrich lawyers and create a false sense of security for naïve investors. It’s all part and parcel of an investment climate — and more importantly a moral climate — in which the public thinks someone should pay them if they gamble and lose.

It’s more writing on the wall: the America that once was has been replaced by the “United State,” inhabited by herds of obedient, reality-TV-educated inmates who take no responsibility for their own actions. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

— Doug Casey

The Daily Reckoning