Next - Your Jeans Are Your Computer

Suppose you’re in a meeting, your cellphone is in your jeans pocket, the moment is tense as your boss launches into a tirade and your phone starts ringing. Oops. Now suppose you could simply slide your hand over the jeans pocket casually at the first sound and silence the phone?

That’s exactly where a partnership between Google and Levi’s is headed. The two will design fabric that can react to touch as well as other inputs from the wearer. Passing a restaurant you want to remember? Simply touch a button on your jeans jacket and its exact location will be stored on your phone.

The best part of this experiment, trademarked as Jacquard, is that the entire framework will be open source, so that individuals can dream up amazing apps. Jacquard is a type of technology added to looms in the 19th century that allowed complex patterns to be created automatically.

Levi'sStephen L. Petranek
for The Daily Reckoning

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