David Stockman: "The Basket of Deplorables are the Policies"

David Stockman joins Max Keiser’s – Kesier Report for Episode 975.  As Max sets the tone of the show discussing how “Stealing is Legal in America” he follows it up with a superb interview with former Washington insider and economic expert, David Stockman.  The interview covers the election, what Donald Trump means for political affairs in the U.S and Stockman’s latest book ‘Trumped!: A Nation on the Brink of Ruin… And How to Bring it Back.”

During the discussion Stockman notes, “We have had a regime of thirty years worth of war, debt soaring in the United States, a Fed that is out of control, bubble finance on Wall Street, redistribution to the top one percent, failure of the economy and jobs in flyover America. People are fed up and that is why we are having a sudden rebellion of the rubes throughout America.”

David Stockman with Max Keiser

Stockman when speaking on what his latest book takes focus on, “The biggest thing to start with is the war policy and the warfare state… We basically designated ourself as the indispensable nation. The policeman of the world. [We] created most of the havoc and that has resulted in the terrorism that we see in the middle east and elsewhere in the world today. I go after the warfare state. I go after the war party. I go after the endless efforts of the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama regime. The invasion and occupation that has destroyed large parts of the middle east and created the havoc and the failed states that has inhabited in that part of the world.”

For the complete interview with David Stockman on The Keiser Report check it out here.


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