Book Review: The Road to Ruin

James Rickards latest book, The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis is out tomorrow.  If you are as excited as we are at the Daily Reckoning you probably can’t wait to dive into the latest of anthology series on currency, international economics and global financial crisis.

Jim Rickards is an economist, lawyer and advises the US government’s intelligence community on international economic issues.  Rickards has over three decades of experience working in capital markets on Wall Street.

Nick Wright got into Road to Ruin and the best-selling author’s latest work ahead of the curve (to see his video directly, click here).  He has kindly put together an incredibly clear video into what the book entails and exactly what Rickards has researched. Wright highlights the core topics and gets to the heart of the economics and hidden facts revealed in The Road to Ruin.

IMF SDR World Money

In the book, Rickards goes deep into shocking research that shows how governments and elites across the globe have prepared for citizen pushback in the face of financial collapse.

He reveals that they have amassed a pool of hard assets in the instance that stock exchanges were to cease, ATMs be shut off, money market funds put on pause, asset managers will be directly instructed to not sell any of their securities, negative interest rates to be imposed, and all cash withdrawals rejected.

What is left is the “Ice-9” plan of action.  The freeze of assets is what governments have outlined as the next course of action in an attempt to “save” the economy.  As is highlighted in the Nick Wright’s video, Rickards expands on what Ice-9 will be and how you can best prepare.

road to ruin ice-9

Jim Rickards wrote last week, “You don’t have to be helpless when the crisis arrives. You can see it coming a mile away if you know what to look for, and there are definitely steps you can take.”  To get a free copy of The Road to Ruin sent directly to your doorstep, click here to find out how.


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