5 Deals to Make America Great

There are 28 days until election 2016. After the latest debate, essential questions and even more serious answers are desperately needed. In David Stockman’s latest masterpiece, “Trumped! A Nation on the Brink… And How to Bring it Back” he provides 10 deals that the next leader must make in order to set America on the right trajectory.  

These deals are only a small part of a book that gets to the heart of a failed economic recovery and a political system that continues to be rigged, leaving what he calls Flyover America behind.  While Stockman offers deals, he goes the next step and offers a pointed method of how we get there.

The country is seeking answers – so below are 5 deals with 5 specific questions built from the narrative Trumped! has inspired that the moderator should have asked.

1. Jobs.

The economy has flatlined.  Production numbers are miniscule. While the short term, temporary workforce may be pushing numbers, real “paying” jobs are falling behind.

What type of plan can you implement to jumpstart “breadwinner” jobs in America?

2. Peace.

After two of the longest wars in modern American history, the government has stretched itself thin.  Far too thin.  These wars have cost the American people in lives lost, erosion of credible soft power and has piled on trillions in added debt burden. How will you, as the next president, be an agent of comprehensive and sustainable peace?

3. Banking.

The era of crony capitalism and casino money on Wall Street has driven the American economy to the edge of collapse.  While the financial crisis of 2008 may have brought about Dodd-Frank, it was not anywhere close to being a real solution for decades long banking failures.  

Why is your plan going to bring the era of massive financial crisis to an end, and how will it ensure actual “too-big-to-fail” banking reform?

4. Governance.

The supreme court ruling on Citizens United has left the majority of the country scorned on all things government.

As the country pleads for nuance in our election systems, how are you going to improve federal elections, career politician cronyism and the dangerous role of money in politics?

5. Monetary Policy.

The Federal Reserve has become a political institution that exceedingly acts well beyond its mandate.  As an institution it seemingly neglects the main street economy. It serves at the beckoning of Wall Street.

In the face of bubble finance, fiat currency, an endless inflation crusade and a business sector constantly being bombarded by reactionary Fed policy – What actions will you take to ensure a more secure economy for the future?

These questions inspired by Stockman’s latest book, Trumped! might scratch the surface to a system that has been built around the Wall Street – Washington elite, but they are a true starting point.  By no means is David Stockman’s latest publication a living testimonial for Trump’s candidacy.  In fact, Stockman points out the areas in which the Donald advocates are “wrong-headed” or outright indefensible. However, he does credit the candidate as a starting point in conversation where our political status-quo can be thrown out because the existing norms of Bubble Finance on Wall Street and recklessness in Washington compromises us all.

As David Stockman told Max Keiser during a recent interview, “We have had a regime of thirty years worth of war, debt soaring in the United States, a Fed that is out of control, bubble finance on Wall Street, redistribution to the top one percent, failure of the economy and jobs in flyover America. People are fed up and that is why we are having a sudden rebellion of the rubes throughout America.”

The onslaught of controversial leaks, statements and videos might be relevant to a greater national conversation but they don’t get to the heart of a policy starved country.  These themes and questions offer a starting point, the candidates and policy makers must drive real solutions in order to cross the finish line first. In a world of fiat currency failures, an economy nowhere close to real employment rates and wild market swings – debate discourse deserves policy focus.  It warrants Stockman’s critiques and requires his analytic based solutions.

Until then, we can hold our breath hoping questions like these are asked at the next and final debate before November 8th.


Craig Wilson, @craig_wilson7
for the Daily Reckoning

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