4 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make in 10 Minutes or Less

Trick-or-treating is right around the corner!

If you’re like us — you’ve waited until the last second to think about what you’re wearing to your friend’s shindig.

Lucky for you, we’ve got your back.

We’ve taken the liberty of whipping up four Halloween costumes on your behalf. We’re sure you’ll agree they’re some of the scariest this season.

Best of all, you can make each in 10 minutes or less.

Each one requires a pair of scissors… cardboard or thick paper… a glue stick… tongue depressors from your medicine cabinet… clothes you probably have around your home… and a nerdy appreciation for the themes and characters we write about in these pages.

Simply right click on the mask image and select “Open link in a new window.” Then right click again and select “Print.”

Then simply print the mask out on a 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Lay it over a piece of cardboard or another sheet of thick paper, and cut along the lines. Then, glue the mask cutout to the cardboard or paper backing.

Then, glue the tongue depressor to the bottom so you can hold it up to your face. If you’re ambitious and have some string… punch two holes in the side of the mask and tie it to your head.

We have four personas for you… inspired by our daily reckonings:

#1 Alan “The Maestro” Greenspan

Perhaps the scariest of all, few people will walk around tonight with the Maestro’s mug. Which is ironic, because at 88, he’s practically the walking dead.

You’ll get a few laughs… or, at the very least, start an economic argument about whether the Fed helps or hurts the economy. (In case you need some fodder, click here.)

Putting the costume together is easy.

Take this mask and put on your cheapest suit.

Grab a cane… and mumble about irrational exuberance and how nobody can really predict anything in financial markets.

Use long sentences with superfluous words in them. The less sense your sentences make sense, the more realistic your Greenspan persona will seem.

Alan Greenspan Halloween Mask



#2 Janet “The Black Widow” Yellen

This one may take you 14 minutes to put together. Grab the stiffest looking pants suit from your wife’s closet… try on your best Brooklyn accent. (If you’re taller than 4 feet… you may want to kneel in your shoes. It all depends how realistic you want to be).

Tell everyone you meet you’re the most “powerful woman in the world” and that you control the levers that make the economy move.

Be forgiving if they confuse you with the Albino from the movie, Princess Bride.

Janet Yellen Halloween Mask

#3 The Dreaded Tapir

An homage to our late friend, the Tapir, all you need are black shoes, black pants, black shirt, this mask and your best tapir call (watch this video to get some ideas:)

Granted — you’ll spend most of your night ’splainin’ what you’re dressed as… but the Tapir mask is ideal for any long-suffering reckoner. Especially if you have a penchant for our running gags.

Tapir Halloween Mask

#4 Paul “Dead Wrong” Krugman

This is another “put on your cheapest suit” DIY costume.

Annoying people with a high-pitched whine will bring it home.

For added effect, borrow the latest issue of the Gray Lady from the bottom of your bird’s cage and carry it around under your arm.

Other realistic affectations include rolling your eyes… scoffing… and bobbing your head from side to side as if to say “Yeah I hear what you’re saying, but you’re wrong…”.

Paul Krugman Halloween Mask

Happy Halloween,

Peter Coyne
Managing editor, The Daily Reckoning

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