2 Ways to Profit as Your Life Becomes More Automated

Greg Guenthner

Thanks in large part to Google, the "internet of things" continues to push forward, making life better, easier and more connected than ever before. And while it may be a little terrifying at times, there are ways to profit from this almost-inevitable transition to a fully automated world. Greg Guenthner describes two of them, right here...

Profit Potential from a Home that Knows Your Name

Greg Guenthner

What if your entire home could respond to your every command? Everything from lighting to cooking to washing your hands could all boil down to a simple verbal request. Of course, this type of automation is nothing new. But there are some new companies that will make it a common reality. Greg Guenthner has more...

How to Inherit “An Embarrassment of Riches”

Alexander Green

With so much of the national media focused on negative stories, it's easy to feel a bit depressed and to think that the world is hopelessly doomed to failure. But, as Alexander Green points out, there are several things for which humanity, especially in the developed world, should be eternally thankful. Read on...

Crowdfunding for Computers that Can Smell

Wayne Mulligan

A small company has created a microchip that can detect, interpret and identify smells and tastes just like a human brain. This technology could revolutionize the consumer packaged goods industry. But is it a good buy? Wayne Mulligan explores, with a cautionary tale related to the launch of the iPhone. Read on...

The Alchemist’s Dream: Make Anything

Chris Anderson

The success of the maker movement hinges on one incredible technology: The 3-D printer. This device has the power to turn an enterprising individual in a global manufacturer with a few clicks of a mouse. Chris Anderson explains why this is so important to the future of industry and how it will shape our economic outlook. Read on...

Pushing Buttons in The Libertarian Utopia of The Jetsons

Jeffrey Tucker

In the classic and futuristic television series from 1962 to 1963 – I admit that I adore this show and could watch every episode 100 times – people work only a few hours a day, travel at 500 miles per hour in flying cars that go as fast as 2,500 miles per hour, and the main job is "pushing buttons."