In Praise of Price Discovery

David Stockman

Our friend David Stockman hails the god of price discovery after yesterday's Swiss monetary surprise. If you missed it, they delinked the Swiss franc from the Euro -- sending markets off on an erratic reel. Mr. Stockman fills you in on the details and opines why it's about time currency markets were alone...

The Idiots Are Coming — You Can Take Their Money

Greg Guenthner

The idiots are ready to hand you stacks of money on nearly every trade. They’re clamoring to invest in all the “hot stocks”. They’ll try to trade the news or they’ll make huge earnings bets. On the other end of every single one of these losing trades? That’s where you come in.

A Big Reason to Bet on a Market Bounce

Greg Guenthner

After a dreadful start to the year, stocks are finally beginning to kick it into gear. In fact, Thursday was the best day of 2014 for the averages so far. But can it last? Greg Guenthner explains why he believes it can, at least in the near term, and why that could equal a serious market bounce. Read on...

The Frying Pan or the Fire: US Stocks vs. Emerging Markets

Greg Guenthner

Investing in emerging markets is always a tricky business. Every time you think the situation is primed for profit, something happens to change the market's mind. Today Greg Guenthner discusses the recent dips in the emerging market sector... and why the U.S. markets aren't offering much refuge. Read on...

A Cushion for the Market’s Bumpy Ride

Greg Guenthner

When you cut through all the nonsense, the only true purpose of the stock market is to confuse the hell out of you and take all your money in the process... And right now, the season is ripe for losing money. Today, Greg Guenthner explains how best to navigate the markets going forward. Read on...

Cash on the Sidelines Begs to Get in the Game

Greg Guenthner

Despite an overall rally in the markets, there are still plenty of investors who have been sitting on the sidelines. Waiting. Watching. Patiently deciding what to do and when to do it. But eventually they'll make a move. Greg Guenthner discusses what will happen when they do. Read on...

Congress Prank Calls 911

Greg Guenthner

As the shutdown enters day 16, and the debt ceiling debate reaches a fever pitch, the markets are trying to determine the likelihood of default. But, a Greg Guenthner explains, the markets may have already made up their minds... and priced stocks accordingly. Read on...

Time Travelling Investors Knew How to Play the September Bounce

Greg Guenthner

In hindsight, investors shouldn’t have been so bearish heading into September... They shouldn’t have ignored the picture-perfect broad market bounce off support. If only investors had a time machine to help with their trading decisions. Greg Guenthner explores what investors can still take from September 2013...

The Hidden Story Behind the NASDAQ Glitch

Greg Guenthner

There were plenty of quips like this one flying around Twitter yesterday after the NASDAQ short-circuited. After all, traders had plenty of downtime during the three-hour glitch to complain about the outage and give it appropriate nicknames like the “flash freeze”.