10 Reasons the Running of the Bulls Will Continue

Greg Guenthner

As Subramanian notes, “Wall Street sentiment is at bearish extremes with strategists recommending just a 52 percent stock allocation.” But she adds, “When investment strategists have been this bearish in the past, the S&P 500 rose 98% of the time, with average gains of 27%.”

Will the Curse of the Dow Sink Apple?

Greg Guenthner

As Alcoa showed, getting booted from the Dow might be the best thing that can happen to a stock. Everyone and their mother-in-law hates AT&T right now. That means we'll be watching it once it's living in a box. It'll probably sell off at first. But we could soon get a screaming "buy" signal for an Alcoa-esque run. Can you say, contrarian?

The Deadly Mistake Even Experienced Traders Make…

Greg Guenthner

Even though the signs of the crash were obvious in hindsight, hardly anyone sold in early 2008. Why? Because traders were "flying" in clear skies. They didn't believe their instruments, which were flashing bright warning signs of bad weather ahead. And many crashed as a result...

Can You Draw a Line? Then You Can Avoid the Next Crash…

Greg Guenthner

None of the corrections we’ve experienced along the way to new highs have been “the big one” everyone’s warning you about. Sure, some of the dips may have left your heart in your stomach. But at the end of the day, the market’s bounced back. Every time. And the healthy pullbacks to support levels have been terrific buying opportunities.

In Praise of Price Discovery

David Stockman

Our friend David Stockman hails the god of price discovery after yesterday's Swiss monetary surprise. If you missed it, they delinked the Swiss franc from the Euro -- sending markets off on an erratic reel. Mr. Stockman fills you in on the details and opines why it's about time currency markets were alone...