Three Trillions Reasons U.S. Oil Production Won’t Quit

Frank Holmes

As our friend, Frank Holmes, shows, much of the industry is still turning a tidy profit on each barrel, even if they aren’t seeing the massive revenue of eight or nine months ago. How are they doing it? And where is all that oil going? The answer just might be your next opportunity…

2 Stats That Will Change How You See the US Oil Boom

Matt Insley

As the U.S. "shale gale" nears its 10th birthday, it appears the America energy renaissance has outlived its critics. Still, it's natural to wonder whether all the big gains are behind us. Today, Matt Insley reveals the newest shale hotspot, and explains why there's still plenty of opportunity left in the U.S. energy boom. Read on...

The King Kong of Energy Technologies

Josh Grasmick

In his ongoing search for the world's most exciting energy technologies, Josh Grasmick has discovered one of the industry's biggest new developments... Literally. In fact, the object at the heart of this story is nearly twice the size of the empire state building, weighs 1.2 billion pounds... and floats. Read on...

Windfall Profits from an Overlooked Energy Source

Josh Grasmick

Humans have been harnessing wind power for centuries. But as more dynamic energy sources have emerged, wind power often gets lost in the shuffle. Well, there are a few tenacious scientists out there who've decided that wind might just be the answer we're looking for when it comes to abundant renewable energy. Josh Grasmick explains...

The Software Revolution That Will Kill the Oil Industry

Josh Grasmick

The quest for cheap, renewable energy has led researchers to some interesting conclusions. But perhaps none quite so interesting, if not downright shocking, than the one Josh Grasmick describes. Get ready for a revolutionary new energy source that could put Big Oil out of business. Read on...

The Year the Sun Powers the Planet

Josh Grasmick

With government disasters like Solyndra fresh in people's minds, advocating solar power certainly comes with its fair share of skepticism, if not outright controversy. But as Josh Grasmick explains, none of that will matter in about 14 years. Read on...

When Nuclear Energy Lights Every Home on Earth

Josh Grasmick

Nuclear energy is the most awesome power the world has ever seen. But we have only scratched the surface of its potential and its possible impact on humanity. And, as Josh Grasmick explains, what comes next will knock your socks off - and make early investors a ton of money. Read on...

Gravy for U.S. Energy Producers

Byron King

The social revolution in the Middle East isn’t all bad news. America’s oil boom is moving ahead full steam -- if anything, Middle East action is spurring growth even more!