The Irony of a Debt-Fueled Oil Boom

Wolf Richter

A report out of research firm Wood Mackenzie today estimated that U.S. oil and gas producers would have to cut spending by $170 billion to maintain net debt at 2014 levels. That won’t stop them from drilling for more and more oil, however. Wolf Richter explains the irony of the situation, below...

Natural Gas: How to Stay Warm (and Profit) This Winter Season

Greg Guenthner

Right now, the city of Buffalo, NY is covered in five feet of snow. And while that may be bad news for those poor folks, it could be good news for you. Because now that another harsh winter is upon us... you have a massive opportunity for quick double-digit gains. Greg Guenthner explains...

How To Play America’s Railroad Boom

Matt Insley

The North American railroad revival is in full bloom. This year, according to the Wall Street Journal, railroads will spend over $14 billion on upgrades to rail yards, refueling stations and additional tracks – that’s up some 40% since 2008’s peak. Looking forward America’s railroad revival could continue for years. Matt Insley discusses how to play it...

The King Kong of Energy Technologies

Josh Grasmick

In his ongoing search for the world's most exciting energy technologies, Josh Grasmick has discovered one of the industry's biggest new developments... Literally. In fact, the object at the heart of this story is nearly twice the size of the empire state building, weighs 1.2 billion pounds... and floats. Read on...

Windfall Profits from an Overlooked Energy Source

Josh Grasmick

Humans have been harnessing wind power for centuries. But as more dynamic energy sources have emerged, wind power often gets lost in the shuffle. Well, there are a few tenacious scientists out there who've decided that wind might just be the answer we're looking for when it comes to abundant renewable energy. Josh Grasmick explains...

The Software Revolution That Will Kill the Oil Industry

Josh Grasmick

The quest for cheap, renewable energy has led researchers to some interesting conclusions. But perhaps none quite so interesting, if not downright shocking, than the one Josh Grasmick describes. Get ready for a revolutionary new energy source that could put Big Oil out of business. Read on...

The Year the Sun Powers the Planet

Josh Grasmick

With government disasters like Solyndra fresh in people's minds, advocating solar power certainly comes with its fair share of skepticism, if not outright controversy. But as Josh Grasmick explains, none of that will matter in about 14 years. Read on...

When Nuclear Energy Lights Every Home on Earth

Josh Grasmick

Nuclear energy is the most awesome power the world has ever seen. But we have only scratched the surface of its potential and its possible impact on humanity. And, as Josh Grasmick explains, what comes next will knock your socks off - and make early investors a ton of money. Read on...

The Beatles of the Energy Revolution

Patrick Cox

"This is the end!" People love to make this statement about everything - from good music to energy production to the world as we know it. Lucky for us, these people are almost always wrong. Here are a few examples of why the future is actually brighter than most people think, and how you can make money because of it.