Greece and the New Colonial Endgame

Charles Smith

With the bankruptcy of Greece now undeniable, we've finally reached the endgame of what I call the “Neocolonial-Financialization Model”. Charles Hugh Smith illustrates a power shift from political to financial control of Europe’s new colonial structure…

Greece Cries “Foul!”

Chuck Butler

No agreement for Greece... U.S. output revision printed.. Aussie and kiwi carve out rallies... SNB scares the bejeebers out of the markets... and more in today's Daily Pfennig with Chuck Butler...

Remember When… Urban Population Growth Exploded in Asia… and Still is?

Genevieve Lefranc

Ever take a look back at what you were doing five or ten years ago, to the day? It might shock you, surprise you, or make you laugh, and that's exactly what we aim to do each day by reflecting on our daily reckonings from five and ten years ago. Were we on the money with our prediction of Asian urban population growth tripling that of the United States? Find out!

Remember When… 133,459 Bankruptcies Were Filed in a Single Month?

Genevieve Lefranc

Curious about our track record? Want to see how our opinions have evolved over the years? If so, check out our daily reckonings from five and ten years ago to the day. From the time when bankruptcy levels reached a five-year high, to five evergreen, signature traits that can predict whether a stock is overvalued or not, and more!