Laissez FaireEscape from the 14-Year Recession

James Quinn

The experts will tell you the recession is over, but they're only torturing the data to hide the truth. The economy never recovered from the downturn it experienced. But the downturn happened in 2000, not 2008. The country's been in the middle of a 14 year recession and hardly anyone knows the truth. James Quinn explains...

Extra!Why the U.S. Is Not Experiencing “Raging Inflation”

Jim Mosquera

An economy is an unbelievably complex system - one with countless variables and important players. So when trying to decipher what makes them tick - if that's even possible with any real accuracy - it helps to have the right definitions. Today, Jim Mosquera offers two of them, in light of some comments made by Paul Krugman...

VideoThe Art of Central Banking

Kate Incontrera

If you look at all the measurements, number crunching and financial instruments that are employed at the Federal Reserve, you may come to the conclusion that economics is a science. However, in his speech at the 2013 Agora Financial Investment Symposium, Bill Bonner explains why that couldn't be further from the truth...

Why the U.S. is Stuck With a Subpar Economy

Robert Higgs

Economists largely agree that net private investment is a key variable to making sense of the economy as a whole. They do not, however, agree on why private investment is vastly different in the short and medium runs. Today, Robert Higgs explains it as he sees it...

Successful Investing in the Face of Uncertainty

Harry Browne

Investors love to try to predict the future. And when you're right a few times in a row, it's easy to think that you CAN predict the future. But, as Harry Browne explains, that line of thinking is incredibly dangerous and, in the end, completely unnecessary when it comes to being a successful investor.

Ben Bernanke We Hardly Knew Ye

Peter Coyne

In just three short days, Ben Bernanke will officially pass the baton of Fed Chairman to the waiting hands of Janet Yellen. (Sigh...) It's been an interesting 7 years. And for Peter Coyne, somewhat bittersweet. After all... "Helicopter Janet" just doesn't have the same ring to it. Time will tell, but here's hoping she's just as entertaining as her predecessor...

A Fatal Disease: The Inevitable Result of Inflation

John Pugsley

If history does indeed repeat itself, it's because those who have the ability to shape history never study the past. Today, John Pugsley explains why money printing and inflationary policy always lead to the same end, even if politicians and economists do their best to ignore it. Read on...

Job Crisis Joins the Inflation Debate

Chris Mayer

The government's official unemployment figures for December 2013 suggest the lowest U.S. unemployment rate since October 2008. Of course, as is often the case, these numbers don't tell the full story. Chris Mayer takes a look at what the numbers really mean and how they relate to the inflation-deflation debate. Read more...

Life After Quantitative Easing

Chris Mayer

The U.S. is on the other side of a massive spending peak that doesn’t hit a trough until 2016-17. At that point, there is another surge. Chris Mayer examines where the U.S. is headed after that happens, with the help of one economist who studies something few analysts have considered: demographics. Read on...

Why Politicians Really Hate the Gold Standard

Ralph Benko

While so many modern politicians and economists dismiss gold as a "barbarous relic," there are still plenty of well-meaning supporters of the yellow metal who advocate a return to the gold standard. Ralph Benko explains, why opponents of it are so vehemently against its return and why it's still the best form of money the world has ever known. Read on...