The Path to Corruption: Why Obama Supports the NSA

Mike Masnick

There's been a rise in sentiment among government officials - from the president in particular - that we don't need explicit rules governing privacy because, "I'm trustworthy, so it's okay." But just about everyone thinks of themselves as trustworthy. And therein lies the trouble with that line of thinking. Mike Masnick explains...

The New Face of Liberty in the Digital Age

Joseph Ratliff

The battle between "liberty" and "authority" has reached a fever pitch. And unfortunately for U.S. citizens, "authority" seems to be winning. Joseph Ratliff explains why the future of personal freedom in America depends the return of responsibility and common sense in the digital age.

“Privacy” Held Hostage By “Security” – Public Unimpressed

Mike Leahy

Federal security consultant Ed Giorgio stated several years ago that “privacy and security are a zero-sum game.” That argument assumes that privacy and security are mutually exclusive. And it's why a TSA agent can legally grope your 2 year old at the airport. Mike Leahy explains why security and privacy cannot be an either/or proposition...