VideoCreditism and the Threat of a New Depression

Richard Duncan

In the 1960s, total credit in the U.S. broke the one trillion dollar mark...and since then, it has expanded over 50 times. But now, as Richard Duncan explains, the explosion of credit that's made America prosperous, threatens to take the entire economy down. And that could mean the return of another depression...

Ditch Your Gold for Greenbacks

Greg Guenthner

Gold can’t catch a bid. And the U.S. Dollar is staging a stealth rally that could send it sprinting toward its 2013 highs. Everything began to unravel quickly earlier this week. Gold dropped nearly $30 Tuesday to $1,263. That's far below the $1,280 threshold. Traders took notice—and gold hasn’t even enjoyed a relief rally since the selloff. Greg Guenthner explains…

VideoHow to Transition to a Gold-Based Currency

The Daily Reckoning

Though alternative currencies, in practice, are pretty common today, many dismiss the idea without knowing the facts. In this Daily Reckoning exclusive interview, Nathan Lewis, author of Gold: The Monetary Polaris, explains what a country with parallel currencies looks like and why a gold-based alternative currency may not be that far off. Read on...

The Next Great Commodity Rally Begins Today

Greg Guenthner

While most traders white-knuckled the sharp equity drop last month, a much bigger (and more important) trend emerged… In case the market has distracted you, here’s what you’ve missed: Gold is up nearly 10% on the year… Silver is up 13%...

Why Politicians Really Hate the Gold Standard

Ralph Benko

While so many modern politicians and economists dismiss gold as a "barbarous relic," there are still plenty of well-meaning supporters of the yellow metal who advocate a return to the gold standard. Ralph Benko explains, why opponents of it are so vehemently against its return and why it's still the best form of money the world has ever known. Read on...

Bitcoin: The Prison Cigarette of Global Currencies

Douglas French

Throughout history, there have been many things exchanged as "money" - from paper, to gold to cigarettes. But as Doug French explains, even if some people doubt the legitimacy of a certain (digital) alternative currency, that doesn't mean it isn't money. Read on...

Extra!Fiat Money Quantity Hits New Record

Alasdair Macleod

Another monetary milestone just passed: based on the monthly figures to 1st October recently released by the St Louis Fed, FMQ jumped $227bn in September to $12,176bn. What now?

Extra!Gold Breaks Out of Short-Term Downtrend

Alasdair Macleod

There is little doubt that as a brand the US dollar has taken a beating. Not only did the US suffer the indignity of airing its washing in public, not only did a ratings agency threaten to downgrade US Government debt, but also the Chinese through their official news agency Xinhua are calling for an end to dollar and US supremacy.