Turkey’s Long-Term Potential and Short-Term Problems

James Rickards

Notes from Jim Rickards' recent trip to Istanbul, where he met with “the Donald Trump of Turkey"... central bank officials... and others. It was a great chance for him to gather market intelligence on the world’s eighth-largest emerging market. Read on...

Gold is (Once Again) Money

James Rickards

Few understand how to value gold, and even fewer understand that gold is not really an investment — it is money. Jim Rickards illustrates this point further and gives you actionable methods to accumulate wealth in gold. Read on...

The Strong Dollar Could Turn on a Dime

James Rickards

A currency war typically happens when there’s not enough growth in the world to go around for all the debt obligations. Jim Rickards explains how the currency wars could change the strong dollar's fate faster than most investors expect...

Notes on Deflation From Tokyo

Chris Mayer

“That chill in the air?” wrote Chris Mayer in February. “This is what deflation feels like.” He reports from the capital of deflation, Tokyo, on the future that might be in store for the U.S….

Contagion Deja Vu

James Rickards

Jim Rickards explains how contagion can smack you, the individual investor, between the eyes suddenly and unexpectedly...

Three Catalysts for the Price of Gold

James Rickards

“Gold is not really an investment” writes Jim Rickards in his new exclusive book, The Big Drop, “it is money. Of course, if you want a portfolio that preserves wealth, money is a good place to start.” He explains what drives the price up and down. Read on...