A Warning from Warren Buffett

Jody Chudley

Last week, Warren Buffett indicated that there is one investment that he, under no circumstance, would be interested in owning. Jody Chudley reveals the Oracle of Omaha's warning... and gives you two alternative investments...

Lies, Damned Lies, and Central Bank Forecasts

James Rickards

Today we’re witnessing historic moves in the 21st century’s currency wars, where none of us will be spared. But that’s why we invest in hard resources in the first place—to escape the death spiral of fiat money. Today, our friend and colleague, Jim Rickards, offers some unique insight into the latest offensive—the Swiss National Bank’s surprise move...

The Islamic State, Bitcoin and You

James Rickards

Recently, Jim Rickards traveled to Tampa, Florida to meet with senior officers of the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in a secure location near their headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base. There he collaborated on counterterrorism efforts against the Islamic State’s use of crypto currencies. If you own or are thinking about owning Bitcoin, read this article first…

The Opportunity Most Investors Missed Last Year, But Not You!

Frank Holmes

2014 was a hard year for commodities, but there were some surprising opportunities, for in-the-know resource investors like you. Today, our friend Frank Holmes discusses some of the winners and losers and why we saw the market take the shape that it did. But more urgently for you, he also points out an unlikely winner…

The Currency Wars’ “Pearl Harbor”

James Rickards

The most dramatic battle yet in the currency wars took place last Thursday. It was the financial equivalent of a Pearl Harbor sneak attack. Jim Rickards has the full story... what it means moving forward... and a lesson for all gold investors...

Why Politicians Really Hate the Gold Standard

Ralph Benko

While so many modern politicians and economists dismiss gold as a "barbarous relic," there are still plenty of well-meaning supporters of the yellow metal who advocate a return to the gold standard. Ralph Benko explains, why opponents of it are so vehemently against its return and why it's still the best form of money the world has ever known. Read on...

The Long-Term Case for Bitcoin

Steve Patterson

Bitcoin may (or may not) be just a passing fad. Only time will tell. But for those who insist that Bitcoin is not currency are seriously mistaken about what a currency is. Steve Patterson explores this topic and explains why Bitcoin may actually have many properties that might make it viable in the long run. Read on...

Extra!Jim Rogers: I’m Optimistic About the U.S. Dollar

Jason Farrell

Rogers has shifted his currency strategy, now believing that "currency turmoil" around the world will lead investors to flee to the relative security of dollars. "To my astonishment, I'm optimistic about the U.S. dollar, which I've been terribly pessimistic about for years."