The Great Unraveling of the Commodities Super Cycle

Greg Guenthner

There's an entire parade of metals and energy plays running off the side of Commodity Mountain like a herd of lemmings. Gold cracked $1,200 after a $30 drop. Silver cratered more than 5% on the day. Copper fell another 2% Natural gas is down. Heating oil is down. Oh, and our main culprit, oil, coughed up another 4%. And that's just yesterday's losses...

How to Short Copper for a Quick 30% Gain

Greg Guenthner

With extreme volatility rattling precious metals this week--and copper joining the crash party--the prudent move is to avoid commodity names until we see some more constructive action. The dominoes are falling across the commodity market, and I frankly don't trust a lot of the action I'm seeing out there right now.

Minerals vs. Marijuana

Douglas French

It might go against conventional thinking, but following the crowd usually makes you miss the real opportunities. At one monetary metal conference recently, the smartest guys in the industry sat down to discuss where these real hidden gems lay. But where does marijuana fall in this debate? Doug French has the scoop...