10 Reasons the Running of the Bulls Will Continue

Greg Guenthner

As Subramanian notes, “Wall Street sentiment is at bearish extremes with strategists recommending just a 52 percent stock allocation.” But she adds, “When investment strategists have been this bearish in the past, the S&P 500 rose 98% of the time, with average gains of 27%.”

Watch Out for One Quiet Correction Signal

Greg Guenthner

With the markets hovering around all-time highs, it's important to be on the lookout for any indication that a correction is just around the corner. Today, Greg Guenthner details one such indicator, and explains just how important it is to taking profits in the current market. Read on...

Extra!Why Americans Shouldn’t Worry About Income Inequality

Jim Mosquera

As the markets have continued to rally over the last several years, more and more people have touted the problem of "income inequality" in the US. But as Jim Mosquera explains, this perceived problem will likely sort itself out with the arrival of one specific market event. Read on...

A Stock Market Crash is Not Inevitable

Greg Guenthner

Stocks have been on an incredible run for the last five years. And when the market starts hitting lofty heights like this, people begin to wonder, "Can stocks continue to defy expectations?" And while plenty of pundits think the market is due for a correction, Greg Guenthner provides a few reasons to take the opposite view. Read on...

Biotech Bulls May Be Near Exhaustion

Greg Guenthner

The biotech industry has dominated the market so far this year; and early investors in this sector have practically won the lottery. But with such an incredible run up, could this bull market be nearing exhaustion? Greg Guenthner investigates, and offers some sage advice for investors willing to take a chance. Read on...

The Essentialist’s Glossary: Updated for the ‘Teens (A-F)

The Daily Reckoning

With so many competing definitions for various financial terms, it became clear that a measure of standardization was necessary to make sure everyone's operating under the same set of rules. Herewith, the true definitions of a few of the world's most essential financial terms, updated for their present day significance. Enjoy!

Ghosts of Bear Markets Past

Greg Guenthner

Contrary to what the forecasters would have you believe, no one knows where the markets are headed in 2014. The best you can do is examine the past and try to determine the best course of action. Greg Guenthner does that today, with a look back at the bear market that preceded the 1980s rally.

Pinpointing the Death of a Rally

Greg Guenthner

It's impossible to pinpoint exactly when a bull market will end and where a bear market begins. The best you can do is to follow the trends and plan accordingly. Greg Guenthner describes one course of action going into the end of the year, and what to expect over the holidays. Read on...

Ma and Pa Run With the Bulls

Greg Guenthner

Right now, it seems as if everyone is too bullish. Ma and pa investor are following the big money into the markets, and the rally keeps churning. Where will this glowing market sentiment end up? And how can you ensure you're not left holding the bag? Greg Guenthner explains...