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5 Big Tax Changes in 2015

Sandy Botkin

The clock is ticking down to April 15th. TaxBot founder, Sandy Botkin, outlines the five big tax changes for 2015 you need know before you file...

Ignore the Crash Callers and Buy This ETF

Greg Guenthner

Look, we're not contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian. Only idiots are. And yes, the market will eventually drop. But the charts will tell us when it's time to sell. And right now, they're screaming "BUY". There's simply no other way to put it.

Tesla’s Great Deformation

David Stockman

The trouble with money printing, explains David Stockman, is that it's responsible for Tesla. Armed with earnings figures, he shreds the company’s visage to pieces...

China’s Love for Gold: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Frank Holmes

This year, we expect China to reveal just how much gold it owns. Today, our friend, Frank Holmes, gives his insight on how China could buy even more gold in the near future. And we’ve got every reason to believe it could upset the gold markets any day now, with great results for gold investors…

Extra!Ukraine Hyperinflates

Steve Hanke

Since the New Year, Ukraine’s currency – the hryvnia – has collapsed, losing 51 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar. Professor Steve Hanke explains why it may go down in history as the world’s 57th episode of hyperinflation.

Bill BonnerThe Day the ATMs Run Out…

Bill Bonner

Please remember this warning when you go to the ATM to get cash… and there is none! Bill Bonner illustrates the need for cash when the machinery of the credit economy breaks down. Read on...

What Mining Insiders Had to Say At Indaba This Month

Byron King

Several friends of Byron’s made down to Cape Town, South Africa, this month, for the annual mining "Indaba," one of the world's premier mining events. They sent him their personal notes on what insiders had to say. Their takeaway? The China boom years are behind us, so it’s tougher to raise mining cash. But there’s still upside in the making…