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Got Tech Stocks? Sell These Flops Now…

Greg Guenthner

The latest victim of the crude rout is none other than the stalwart tech stocks. These are the go-to trades that have held up all year long. I'm talking about stocks like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. Like I said before, these aren't no-name stocks you're seeing drop more than 10% from their highs last month.

Three Time Bombs in Your 401(k) and How to Disarm Them Now

Dave Gonigam

By the time you do… Kaboom! It’s too late. They’ve already blown up your retirement. There are three time bombs the mutual fund industry has planted within your 401(k). By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll know how to identify them. And, more importantly, how to disarm them. Dave Gonigam has the scoop...

A Strong Dollar’s Not All That Bad

James Rickards

On the eve of the FOMC’s meeting announcement, our CIA financial strategist suggests, “To beggar thy neighbor or not… that is the question.” Read on to find out why having a strong dollar is good for you, but not so good for the Fed...

Same Currency War, New Battle Phase

James Rickards

The current global currency war started in 2010. Our own Jim Rickards published his book, Currency Wars, soon after that. One of the points that he made in the book is that the world is not always in a currency war. But when we are, they can last for a very long time. They can last for 5, 10, or 15 years, sometimes longer. Read on to learn the latest battle phase of the current currency war...

Don’t Buy a Car Until 2017

Stephen Petranek

We’re on the verge of a breakthrough in fuel cell technology that could reinvent the auto industry. The prototypes of these autos are already on the road, but you don’t want to buy them for the next two years. Former editor-in-chief of Discover magazine Stephen Petranek says there’s an important reason why.

Protect Your Portfolio Against Crashing Oil Prices — Now

Greg Guenthner

The Emerging Market iShares ETF (NYSE:EEM) is in a tailspin. After showing signs of life over the summer, this emerging markets index is tumbling to nine-month lows. Technician John Murphy notes that while EEM has dropped 11% since the oil plunge began, oil producers Brazil and Russia have lost 25% and 40% respectively since July. And yes, you guessed it--they're also the biggest countries in EEM.

The Contagion of Energy Junk Bonds Spreads to Wall Street

Wolf Richter

Oil swooned again on Wednesday, with the benchmark West Texas Intermediate closing at $60.94. And on Thursday, WTI dropped below $60, currently trading at $59.18. It’s down 43% since June. Wolf Richter explains how falling price of oil bust contagion is spreading to Wall Street and the banks.

Why Fuel Cells Are the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Oil Industry

Stephen Petranek

The disruptive technology you think you see - the conversion of automobiles from internal-combustion engines to electrics - is not the big picture. That is yesterday’s big picture. Technology has already moved past the electric vehicle. Stephen Petranek explains, and gives an insightful glimpse at what's next. Read on...

Buy Facebook Now for Gains up to 76%

Greg Guenthner

My conservative estimate when all is said and done is a 15% gain on this trade. But if the party really gets loose this holiday season, we could see a nice run-up into January. Without much competition from its "competitors" like Twitter, eager traders might just push this one into the stratosphere.

Six Months From Now, You Could Be Rolling In Money From Oil Gains

Jody Chudley

Today I’ve got a quick, but important, announcement. The mainstream investing crowd would have us believe that there is a “glut” of oil and that we have entered a new era of lower oil prices. But our friend Jody has some much needed insight that goes far deeper than what the mainstream has had to say about oil…